5.11 Atac 8’ Zipper Boots..well, sort of…

Well, this review was going to be about a awesome pair of 5.11’s boots but it has taken on a mind of its own! Check it out!

5.11Sidekick[1]So I was in the market for a new pair of boots. I had been through two pairs of Bates and they just didn’t last. The midsoles broke down quickly, the soles wore smooth fast and in my opinion and it was time for something new. Enter the 5.11’s. Now, if you have been around the Tactical Game for a while you know there are a lot of retailers out there and sometimes it is really hard to chose who is going to get your business. Well after much browsing and comparing of shipping rates I settled on L.A. Police Gear. Not because of the price, which was good, but because of the freebies! Buy some pants, they throw in a belt…Buy a couple shirts, get a hat…Buy a tank, they throw in the crew and a dog for a mascot! You get the idea! I opted for the Buy a pair of boots, get some socks and a boot knife for free! Socks and a knife, how can you pass that up!

A few days after my order I came home from work to find my package surrounded by hostiles! My children were screaming and running around the table evenly spaced  making it hard to tell who is chasing who, My wife is shouting at them to stop screaming and the dog is barking to go out! I snatch the parcel off the table, timing my move so as not to interrupt the the chaos that is evolving around me and sprint to the back of the house. I open the box…boots – check…socks – check…boot knife – Oh Yeah!

Let me tell you, this is one heck of a knife! Coming in at 5.5” long and designed by Mike100_0886[1] Vellekamp/Blade-Tech® it has all the trappings of a great, single purpose tool. Are you gonna’ cut down a tree and make a cabin with it? No…Are you gonna’ cut apart a downed F-16 to save the pilot? Probably not…Could this little knife save your neck in a pinch? You bet!

This knife is designed with one purpose in mind and is by all definition a backup weapon. If you are reaching for this knife, than something has gone horribly wrong and you are in a position were you need a reliable piece of kit to save your tail. Lucky for you, you have the 5.11 Sidekick Boot Knife! It is made of stainless steel, has a skeletonized handle and sports a unique 4mm thick modified tanto blade. Mine was razor sharp from the box and passed my “does it need to be sharpened” test with flying colors.

In the hand it feels great, with good balance and solid control via the finger hole and grips on the top and bottom of the knife. For me though,  I needed a little more purchase on the bootknifewithboot[1]handle and it was nothing a little 550 cord couldn’t fix.

The molded plastic sheath allows for many different carry options and can be adjusted for pocket depth as well as left/right and up/down carry. From your boot to your belt to around your neck, there are lot of different places you can stick this little knife. (no pun intended!) Included with the knife and sheath are a hook-loop strap to help secure it to a boot and a breakaway chain that can be used to configure it as a neck knife.

It is listed as the Sidekick Boot Knife and can be had for about $50.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars…


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