Time to Tighten Your Belts…

A short while ago I was in the market for a new belt and asked the folks over at Opsgear for a few suggestions. After looking at their recommendations I made a decision based on my needs and personal style. I chose the Tru-Spec 24/7 Range belt in coyote.

beltFirst impression is that this is a quality belt. Coming in at just under 2” wide, it fits nicely in most belt loops and and sports a clean and professional look. The weave is tight and the leading edge of the belt is heat finished to prevent fraying.

The buckle is large, heavy and sounds with a nice clunk rather than a high pitched clang truspec-24-7[1]when dropped to the floor or pulling it through loops. In other words, the belt has a nice high quality buckle that finishes it off quite nicely.

PD-OPSGEAR-LOGO_01_lgThis was the first time that I have ever used Opsgear for a purchase. So, with that in mind I looked at this as not only obtaining items for review on my blog, but as a chance to evaluate a retailer as well. After placing my order I called them in what was a less than reasonable time looking for information about my shipment. First off let me say this,my intent was to be a rather difficult customer, you can have countless successful transactions with a company and not know what the true nature of their customer service is like until you have a problem. Well, I had a “problem”! When I called I was rather demanding. I have to say, from the gal that answered my phone call on the 2nd ring to the gentleman in the warehouse that picked up a moment after I was put on hold, they were all polite and professional. My questions were answered and I was treated with respect at all times and never made to feel as if I was bothering them. Thank you Opsgear, you guys rock! You can expect business from me in the near future.


Link to the Tru-Spec Range Belt

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