Enter the Grimloc…

Developed by ITW for the USMC, the Grimloc is a handy little piece of kit that secures itself to your MOLLE webbing, belt loops, key rings and the like. Don’t let its size fool’ ya, this little clip has what it takes to get the job done. Originally meant to secure the grimloc-tan_0[2]hydration systems of the 1 MEF to their armor it was adopted by the Army who around the same time was looking for a breakaway fastening system to replace the metal climbing carabineers that had become so popular among the troops. The metal carabineers are good for holding items in place and hanging things from, but can pose a safety hazard to troopers if they get snagged.

Enter the Grimloc, made of IR signature reducing – solar heating resistant GhillieTEX and sporting self purging ports, it not only holds your stuff in place but it allows fast repositioning due to its ability to mount directly to the MOLLE webbing found on vests, packs and pouches! Plus, if it gets tangled our caught up, it breaks open under the users weight.

So I get these Grimlocs and decide that one will be sacrificed to gods of torture testing and I will try to find a use for the remaining three. Now, I will admit, I’m not much of a carabineer guy myself so I did not find the idea of hanging things off my person all to appealing…but the Grimloc has made me a changed man!

These little bits of plastic are awesome! Put one on your keys and clip’em to your pants…Put one on your belt loop and you have a place to hang your hat from…Use them to clip those plastic grocery bags together to reduce trips from the car to the house. The list can go on an on…. I have one on the shoulder strap of my BLACKHAWK bag reviewed below, another on my key ring and on more on the MOLLE webbing of my EDC pouch.

As for durability, its there. I can personally attest to the fact that these little bPhoto0818uggers can take just about anything. On the left and right side of the plunger body there are self purging ports to allow water, sand and debris to fall clear and keeps the Grimloc from binding and failing to open. These ports work. I packed wet sand into them several times, and every time the plunger was pressed sand fell out and the Grimlocs opened. They never failed, not once! Open and closed drop testing from +10’ revealed no defects and the device operated flawlessly every time. To simulate the rigors of combat and unusual and extreme stress, I handed it to my four year old son and said “here, break this.” to which he replied “Ok!…what is it?” I told him it was called a Grimloc and off he went singing “Photo0831Grimloc-Grimloc-Grimloc!” After a good while of grunting, prying and twisting an out of breath little boy approached me and dejectedly said “daddy, I can’t do it…” That was good enough for me!

Seeing that my son, who can leave a swath of destruction behind him second only to Sherman’s March to the Sea cannot break it or cause it to otherwise fail and the uses I found and continue to find for it, I feel this is one item every good EDC’r, Domestic Defensive Operator (DDO) or Tactical Fanboy should own several of.

I give ITW 5 out of 5 stars! Great product, keep up the good work.

Grimlocs can found at several on line retailers, but I recommend getting them in the four pack available at Opsgear. They have the best price in town and their customer service is outstanding!

Click here to order…

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