Why are we in this Hand basket? Oh well, at least we know where we’re going!

My birthday was rapidly approaching and I got a call from my mom. She was wondering if there was anything in particular that I would like for a gift. As luck would have it I had seen a new Map Pouch made by Condor Outdoor and thought it would be a nice replacement for my regular EDC pouch. For those of you that don’t know, Condor Outdoor is one of the most prolific distributors of tactical gear around. If Condor doesn’t have it, then nobody does!

MA35_007_Map_AThis is a neat pouch. It comes with a foldout clear vinyl map case that you can write on, hook loop strips to secure the opening and is more than large enough to accommodate 8.5”x11” printouts from your favorite mapping software. On the flip side are two large hook loop patches that secure the case inside the pouch that allow for complete map foldout goodness!

After yanking out the map case and tossing it in my truck, I proceeded to move into my new EDC pouch. Its nice and roomy for all kinds of gadgets and gizmos. Unzipping the pouch exposes the two soft sided hook loop patches that the map case secures to on the inside. The main compartment is subdivided by the hook loop panels creating a main storage area and two pockets. One on the inside front panel and the other on the rear wall of the pouch. Both have ample room for flashlights, multi tools, batteries, kitchen sink and even one of those new tiny fuel saving smart cars!

MA35_001On the outside of the map pouch is another soft hook loop panel large enough for couple patches (think MilSpecMonkey!) with a pull tab located at the top.

What is the pull tab for? I am so glad you asked! Tugging on the pull tab and breaking the gorilla like grip of the MA35_001_OPENhook loop reveals two more vinyl windowed pockets for pictures of the kids and grocery lists! No lie, grocery lists! My wife sent me to Sam’s and as I was walking out the door, repeated several times, “Do not lose the LIST”. Guess what, I didn’t lose the list! I slipped it into one of the pockets and voilà! The list was easy to reference and remained secure!

MA35_007_FP_ALifting the outer flap reveals an admin section with a spacious pocket with three pen sleeves sewn onto it. The pocket is large enough for a GPS, lensatic compass, cellphone…You get the idea…

I like that fact that with this pouch Condor went with separate straps for securing it to your MOLLE webbing. I would go through 2 pouches a year on my previous EDC pouch due to the fact that the straps were sewn onto the pouch and seeing that it was being used for belt wear, the seams on the straps took the most abuse. Typically the lead strap seam would eventually fail, letting the pouch drop and hang from one strap. If you think people look at you funny sometimes when you are wearing a pouch, imagine the looks when it is tilted at an angle and hanging on by a thread! So, good call on this one Condor!

The pen sleeves are functional, well place and deep enough for average writing instruments.  The overall quality is there with tight stitching, strong hook loop and durable fabric. I have used mine for quite some time now without any complaints.

If your in the market for a new pouch or thinking about starting to wear one, I highly recommend the MA35 Map Pouch!

Click here to order in Multicam!

Click here to order!

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