Ok, the life of and EDC’er is fraught with tough decisions…Gerber or Columbia River…OD green or black and asking our spouses is useless… “Hun, does this Sage green pouch clash with my Coyote bag?” How many times when asking this type of question does she just roll her eyes and walk away shaking her head? Ours can be a life of solitude and shame….

Yeah Right!! (insert favorite hard rock guitar solo here…)

When selecting a knife you should be asking these four questions…

1) Is it sharp?

2) Is it black?

3) Does it look menacing? I don’t mean Wesley Snipes-Demolition Man crazy/weird menacing…I mean like Christopher Walken professional/means business menacing!

4) Is it black?

policestuff_2161_189595059Well do I have the knife for you! For your reading pleasure I submit the Columbia River M21-14SFG Tactical Folder. It is a Kit Carson design that sports Veff serrations, the CRKT exclusive AutoLAWKS system and twin Carson flippers that eases opening and provides a true hilt.

This knife is where its at! Like most of you out there I own multiple knives. I needed another knife like I needed a hole in my head, but there I was, browsing looking at my options and trying to find something I just could not live without. Through the misty haze of cyberspace it called to me. Its image filled my browser’s window while my laptop’s screen, illuminating the room, etched its gentle curves, sharp edges and rugged grip into my mind. Walken would approve!

The M21 is the product of specific Carson features requested by military procurementCRM21-14SFG_xlarge_16631_full_284[1] specialists for special forces operations. It has a “deep-bellied” spear point giving the blade maximum strength as well as two Carson flippers for easy and rapid opening. When the blade is deployed the two flippers become a true hilt for the knife, something unheard of in folders, and when combined with the AutoLAWKS system you get a tactical folder as strong and useful as a fixed blade designs.

Opening is a breeze. Apply pressure to the flippers with a slight flick of the wrist at the same time and Pow! The blade is out and ready for action. The full blade and hefty handle make for a weighty but controllable tool and it feels great in the hand. When you open this one, you know you are holding a knife of substance.

The Veff serrations are really a gem.  Invented by Tom Veff, they look and operate differently than traditional serrations. Ground into the blade at a 50deg. angle, the serrations will bite and dig into whatever it is that you are cutting. As the material passes through the Veffs, it is met by the deep, surgically sharp valleys and is sliced in a  smooth and easy fashion. Great invention Tom!

The blade holds an edge very well. I have had it for quite sometime and cut many a box, 550 cord and small limbs and branches. After all that it only needed a light touch up to restore the edge.

1305635513_LG[1]As for closing, I’ll admit, the AutoLAWKS does take a little getting used to. It took it bit of practice but after a while I was able to close the knife with one hand without fear of losing a finger or two! The AutoLAWKS takes what would be a traditional liner lock and converts it into something more akin to a fixed blade knife. With the flippers forming the hilt and the AutoLAWKS locking the blade in place and preventing accidental closure, you wind up with the best features of the knife world…A heavy duty fixed blade combat knife that folds up and fits in your pocket!

You have the option of the G10 or Aluminum handles. I recommend the G10 over the aluminum for two reasons… First, it feels warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and second, it is a little bit cheaper!

Click here to order!

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