The Pen is Mightier than the Sword…


uzi-logoOk, so the TactiCool world is a really neat place filled with trinkets, baubles and bags of all kinds, but every now and then something gimmicky comes along, like the Uzi Tactical Pen!

The theory of the Tactical Pen is this…You are caught up in a hostile situation from which there is no viable way to avoid a fight and your location or lack of preparedness has left you armed with only a pen to use as a kubotan style weapon. Some may scoff at this pen and others may feel ill prepared without it and yet the Gung Ho’s will say “I use my tactical pen to fight to my handgun so I can  fight to my rifle!” ..Me? I just like it cause it looks cool and scares people!!

“7-3 to Dispatch, we got a guy in the bank with a tactical pen…looks like an active writer situation”…

Now, be advised, some LE agencies are actively looking for these things and are dd7c_uzi_tactical_penconsidering them to be dangerous weapons! So before you go sticking one in your pocket and walk around the airport feeling like James Bond think again! This little pen could land you a trip to the Pen in which case make sure you got the one with the hidden handcuff key!!


Made from aircraft grade aluminum it is solid and has a good deal of weight in the hand and using Fischer Space Pen refills allows this instrument to be used sideways, upside down, underwater and backwards (backwards?). Any way… this is one cool pen. The razor sharp crenelated crown helps in inflicting pain on your would be assailant as well as collecting some of his DNA for future identification!


This is one heavy pen! Its fun to use but the weight can be a little annoying at times. You are not going to write your manuscript with this one! The crown, being sharp, presents some hazards when trying to remove it from your pocket or pen sleeves on a pouch or jacket.


5803The Uzi Tactical Pen is a great writing instrument that goes beyond the norms of your average pen. All kidding aside, I’m certain that in the proper hands this pen could possibly save your life. It takes the concept of improvised weapons to the next step and does it with class. This is something I recommend for the die hard EDC’rs but more importantly LEO’s and Mil should look at this as a replacement for the pens they normally use on patrol.

Click here to order!

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