Tom Veff on the inception of the Veff Serrations…

Q. Tom, where did the inspiration for your design come from?

A. The design of them was a gift from God, to me.

I have been interested in knives since I was old enough to drag a chair up to the kitchen drawers and dig through the array of utensils and pull out the knives. I would then stand up in the chair and drag them through a hand crank stone sharpener that was mounted on the wall. I carried a pocket knife from the age of 4or5. All of my teachers knew that I had a knife and would ask to use it on occasion. It was and is a natural thing to me to always have a knife, (or 3 or 4) with me at all times.

Veff-Serrations came about after many years of sharpening other styles of serrations that just did not cut smoothly and efficiently. They all would stick and snag in material. I had been frustrated for years at this and had made a variety of modifications to these serrations that did improve the way they cut. I got up one Sunday morning with a picture of Veff-Serrations in my mind. I retreated to my workshop and cut the first set of Veff-Serrations in the blade of an old 5” Kershaw kitchen knife. Once I tried them, it was obvious that I had the best cutting serrations I had ever seen. I was Very Excited !!!

I was under contract with Kershaw at that time so I showed them my new serration pattern. They were impressed with the way they performed. However, after nearly ten months of consideration, they rejected the design.

I then presented them to C.R.K.T. They were impressed with the design and the rest is history !

Veff-Serrations have been tested extensively and have proven to be the most efficient and effective serration pattern to date.

Thanks Tom for letting us in on how you came about with your design! You can read more about Tom and the services he offers by following the link below…

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