The Elixir of Life…

logoThere are many things in this world we can do without. Satellite radio, shopping malls and Roseanne Barr…just to name a few. The one thing we cannot live without however is water and Frank Husson is keenly aware of this. That is why he developed the AquaPak!

Made from easily sourced materials and possessing an elegantly simple yet sophisticated design it does an awesome job of making contaminated water safe for drinking. By using sunlight and various plastic materials, the AquaPak heats the questionable water to 65deg.C or 149deg F!. thereby killing 99.999% of the viruses and parasites that may be lurking in that fresh, clean stream water you just collected!

Working on the principal of pasteurization, invented by Louis Pasteur in the century prior, the AquaPak merges old science with new materials technology into a water system that you can roll up and stick in your pack!

Going with the flow…

The AquaPak comes with two filters, one that screws on and another that slips over thePhoto1003 opening and is held in place with the included O-ring. The variable filtering options allow you to either filter out sediments from the water as you fill the Pak or allows you to immerse it directly in into the source and filter as you pour it out after processing.

Being made of polyethylene, the bag is light but not flimsy and the  handle feels strong and seems adequate for the job of transporting the Pak when full. The pasteurization times were calculated for use near the equator so your mileage may vary depending on your latitude. Being close to the 45th parallel did impact my process time by about two fold, but in a survival situation that doesn’t matter. What matters is getting safe drinkable water, not how long it takes to obtain it…In perfect conditions, the AquaPak can generate 3 gallons of safe water every day!

WAPI – WAPI- Oh where art thou WAPI?

wapiatanglepicNow, how can you tell when the water reaches the safe temp? I’m glad you asked! Allow me to introduce you to WAPI…Water Purification Indicator… This has to be the most elegant part of the design! The WAPI is a little sealed glass vial with a drop of orange wax in it that fits into a holder in the cap and is visible when looking into the AquaPak when laid on a flat surface. When the water inside reaches 65deg. C. the wax melts, flowing into the bottom of the vial and away from view! Genius!

A picture is worth a thousand words…

The back of the AquaPak is white with instructions in English and pictures screened in highback contrast green ink. Following the instructions is almost fool proof and by that I mean we all know that one guy who could screw up boiling water, but even he would have a hard time messing this up!


The AquaPak fills a need. Its light weight, easy to use and costs nothing to operate. The bag can be used to store and transport the water to camp or home.


Since I am outside the zone it was designed for, water pasteurization times were longer and it most likely will not work in the winter. I was advised of this when I was talking to Mr. Husson and again in the literature included with the AquaPak. This is the only drawback I can see.

Final thoughts…

Get one. Everyone needs an AquaPak in their survival box, go bag, car or boat. Get one and become familiar on how to use it. Keep in mind, this product was designed for use on or near the equator  and there might be better a better solution for your situation but, that being said, this plastic bag could save your life! Being non chemical or active energy dependent, the AquaPak gives you a long term solution to what I hope would be a short term problem.

Many thanks to Solar Solutions for providing me with a sample of their AquaPak and answering my many questions!

You can order the AquaPak here.

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