Clear and Straight CQB on the PDQ…

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So the mail came the other day and while looking through the bills and junk mail I caught a flash of something exciting! There it was, a large shipping envelope with the words Armed Response on it!! Yee-haw!! My training videos had arrived! I got a tip a while back that these two guys, Ralph Morz and David Kenik had put together some training videos for people who carried as a way of furthering their knowledge and making them better armed citizens. I contacted Ralph and got a set sent my way.

Let me tell you, this is a top notch product. The editing is smooth, the video quality nice and each training topic is segmented so that you can find what you are looking for without having to search through mountains of video looking for a specific topic.

Nothing is a repeat. I repeat, nothing is a repeat! A topic is thoroughly covered and if you missed something, you can chapter back and watch it again. Everything is presented clearly and in plain English lifting the veil on the complicated concepts of responsible and competent concealed carry. I felt as though I had a personal trainer in my home going over these topics with me!

If you are looking for a “shoot’em up – how to” video, look someplace else. This 2hr DVD tells you what to do if x-y-z happens and provides a base of knowledge that will allow you to adapt what you have learned if you encounter z-x-y!

The only thing you will hear more than once on this DVD is de-escalation of a confrontation and if you carry a handgun you should also carry a cellphone.

In one segment, Ralph walks you through a house, moving room to room, up and down stairs to illustrate what it means to “Clear” your house. In doing so, he points out the risks involved and what you can do to try and reduce them as well as discuss what needs to be considered when defending your family. Things like choke points and the locations of children are talked about and how to prepare a defensive position.

Flashlights, pepper spray and alternative weapons are also discussed with techniques shown as well as how toralph present, hold at ready and retain your weapon and what to do after being forced to use it.

This was the best 2hrs I have spent watching a DVD in quite some time! I walked away with a whole new understanding of what carrying a sidearm for defense is all about and have started to practiced some the methods presented on this video. Already, I feel more confident in my weapon handling!

Thanks Ralph!

Watch for two more reviews coming up. This was not the only DVD in the envelope!!

Their web page has Free video tips that are not only informative but it allows you to preview what the videos are like.

Click here for more information and to order…

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