“Stick ‘em Posey! Stick’em!!”…

That classic scene from the “Dirty Dozen” really sums up what knife fighting is all about. Its not about finesse or showmanship. It’s about survival and is brutal and savage. Time has brought us many different weapons for use on the street and the battlefield, but when the ammo runs out and the distances close it almost always comes down to the knife.

A-fix Bayonets!…

PB-4_PISTOL1As combat evolved from sticks and stones to cannon and rifles someone got the bright idea to put a long, removable blade on the end of your long gun to make it a glorified spear! Not only did it prove useful in close quarter combat, but there is an intimidation factor that cannot be ignored by even the most belligerent of persons. Anytime you see a rifle with a bayonet attached it screams “Stay Back Hippie!

Taking this concept to the pistol, LaserLyte has developed the Pistol Bayonet. Ok, I know what your thinking…”A what?” Yes, a bayonet for your handgun. I know it sounds strange and purists everywhere will be decrying its use. But let me tell you, don’t judge a book by its cover!

Home, home on the range…

I took the PB-4 Mini Tac Tool model to my local sheriffs Dept.  for a bit of a workout. After getting mounted to a .40cal. Glock they let loose!

After several mags and a determination that the knife didn’t negatively effect the accuracyPhoto1132 or harmonics of the pistol it was on to cutting and plunging. Now the blunt chisel type point of the Tac Tool is not as conducive to thrusting as a clip or drop point would be. After repeated slams into 3/8” plywood the knife popped off the gun! As everyone scattered out of the way I watched it flip through the air and crash, front edge first, into the concrete floor…

Photo1134Now this is where it got interesting…The only damage sustained by the bayonet was the two plastic prongs that lock the knife onto the light rail of the pistol. The blade was unmarred with absolutely no play in the handle what so ever and even with the prongs broken, the knife would still attach to the pistol! Would the outcome have been different with a sharp pointed version? I don’t know, possibly. But what I do know is that the board sustained significant deformation on the opposite side and I would not want to be on the receiving end of such a strike!


All of my reviews are honest and nothing is held back. So here it comes and please read the whole section, not just the 1st paragraph…The one thing I heard repeatedly and have to agree with is that although it looks cool on your gun why would you do it? If your looking to impress your buds and look Hardcore TactiCool on the range, go for it. They wont laugh at you till your gone because “ he had a bayonet on his pistol, that’s why!

Now that being said everyone agreed this is one cool and useful knife! The deputy that helped test it was a former SWAT sniper and wished that he had this when he was on the team! After judging its ruggedness he said he would have used it to pry windows open and wooden fencing apart to open up his hides.

The other big thing that was said many times was that a true sheath would be more than welcome, something that would go on a belt or LBV and allow you carry and deploy the knife more effectively.

Final Thoughts…

The utility of the knife was apparent with the cutting and prying tests and in my opinion (which I am not alone in) it is a great little knife. It has even found its way into my go bag! Now, I ‘m not going to tell you what you can and cannot put on your gun. If you are looking for something different to spice up your sidearm, this is it though I think you would be better served with a laser sight and LaserLyte has several models to chose from. If you think you are buying some gimicky toy, you’re dead wrong. This is a tool worthy the KABAR name on the side of the blade!

Click here for more information…

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