“Light ‘em Up Boys!”…

The house is dark, the kids are asleep in their rooms and you hear the glass in your backdoor shatter…How many times have you rehearsed this scenario? Two? Three perhaps? How many times have you done it in the dark?

If you answered none, that’s ok. When training you want to be as safe as possible and running something like that through in daylight is understandable. But remember, you fight the way you train. Being a civilian, there are not many opportunities for low light training and depending on where you shoot, asking them if they do low light sessions can end up with them looking at you funny! Trust me!

The importance of using a light on your home defense weapon cannot be emphasized enough. It does two things…It allows you to ID the intruder and it’s intimidating…Of these two, the most important is the ID’ing of the intruder. This alone, more than the use of your sidearm, could save a loved one’s life. Imagine the horror of turning on the lights to discover the “intruder” you shot in the dark was your spouse raiding the fridge or your son coming home late for curfew. That is not a chance I or you should be willing to take. All of my weapons have lights for that sole purpose and so should yours. I advocate mounted lights for two reasons, you don’t have to fumble with a separate flashlight and you can use both hands to control your weapon!

Enter the NEBO Tools HP190LS weapon light…

logoSold by NEBO Tools online, as well as at other retailers, this light is great! For $100 or less this light is exactly what is needed by the EDC’r/home defense user. With 190 lumen steady beam, strobe function, integrated laser and crenelated striking bezel light1your weapon will be complete, and all without breaking the bank!

I took the light to my local sheriffs office to let the Trainers play with it. After 200+ rds from a .40cal. Glock, it was determined this was one tough little light and compared nicely to the ones used by the SWAT team, especially considering the price.

mountingThe unit ships with batteries for the laser and a 123A for the light. I recommend immediately replacing the NEBO brand 123A with a new Surefire battery. We broke the included battery on the second mag!

The light body is made of anodized aircraft aluminum and attaches to the light rail via a unique spring loaded Photo1094clamp that I love. The switch is ambidextrous with one click on for a steady beam – click off – then on again to obtain the strobe feature. The laser is elevation and windage adjustable with the laser unit and batteries contained in a second plastic housing screwed onto the main light body with the on/off switch on the underside. When set the accuracy of the laser was great, though it did walk a bit during testing…are you gonna’ mount it, sight it in and run 200+ rounds through it? probably not but if you do just re-zero it before you put it away!

Photo1128This is a great weapon accessory that no one should be without. If you have light for your pistol, great. If its not this one…You got ripped off!! For the features and the price, you can’t beat it! NEBO Tools did a great job on this one and I’m giving it a “Must Buy” recommendation.


You can find NEBO Tools and the HP190LS here…

And this link will take you to the other weapon light offerings they have…

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