So this little voice says “Follow me Dad!”…


hdr_511_LogoHave you ever taken young children to a fast food restaurant? If you have you know where this is going…My little girl and I went to our local fast food restaurant for breakfast. As any parent understands, meal time presents many challenges. Your mission is to get them to eat, their mission is to thwart your mission by any means necessary. To avoid this you and your child enter into negotiations…”If you eat all your peas mommy will buy you a new toy…” or “You can go play when you finish your chicken…” Its like dealing with miniature Bedouin Traders just off the caravan!

Well, we’re at our local fast food restaurant, she has finished her meal and has entered the Bio Infested Tubes of Doom, or as they like to call it, the Play Land… As she stands on the threshold of cholera and e-coli she calls out “follow me Dad!”. Let me tell ya, I’m not a little guy and I don’t like tight spaces, so I take a pass…A few seconds later I hear that same sweet little voice in a panic…”Help Dad, I’m Stuck!!” In I go! Crawling through tube after tube, negotiating cargo netting, contorting from one position to the next – ascending this monstrosity enveloped in a warm, moist and acrid atmosphere only to find my daughter, clinging to the top of the slide and quite unwilling to budge…

Now, had I been wearing my usual fare of traditional cargos, they would have surelyStryke-pant-01 limited my mobility and slowed the rescue causing my little one to panic more and making my job much harder. Lucky for me I was wearing my new 5.11 Stryke Tactical Pants with their innovative  stretch fabric technology. They ensured my SAR was a success! Some think wearing them to the range or about town is testing enough. Me? I like to push the limits! And what better way to test the enhanced mobility of the Stryke pant than in a play scape!

These pants are awesome!! The stretch is amazing and it is all done without the use of spandex! The secret is the new Flex-Tac fabric. Using stretch yarns, 5.11 is able to provide a pant that utilizes mechanical stretch and moves with you. This becomes evident from the moment you put them on. You can tell you are wearing something special.  Being poly/cotton ripstop helps to make them light weight, breathable as well as fade and stain resistant.

On to the features…

Cargo pants are cargo pants right? Wrong! The features of these pants are what separates them from the crowd. Over all these are one heck of a pair of pants! I’m a practicing EDC’r and committed pouch guy…When I wear the 5.11 Stryke pant, I don’t need to wear a pouch! Everything has a home and the weight is distributed in such a way that you don’t even feel it. Being generous in the waist, they allow you to tuck in a shirt or weapon and still have room to breathe, move and carry all kinds of tactical equipment

5_11-stryke-pantsThe cargo pockets are nicely placed on the thigh, with a slight forward cant which allows for easier access to items stored there. The pockets are spacious without being too big and are subdivided into two small and one large compartment that helps to organize your gear!

On the back are two wallet pockets. Again, they are not too deep and are more than necessary to carry a wallet. On the sides are two slash pockets that are nicely sized, providing a home for keys, small radios and the like.

The front of the pant has two vertical mag/light pockets. Aside from the cargo pockets, these are my favorites! I have comfortably carried flashlights, knives and two fully loaded double stack pistol mags in comfort while standing, sitting and driving. These pockets are a real treat to use!

The two front belt loops have an extra loop of fabric for attaching a badge to. Personally, I would have liked to seen the extra loop sized to accommodate a Grimloc, but that’s just me…As for the belt loops, my trainer belt slipped right in without any resistance and the knees are discretely reinforced and have an internally accessible opening for the insertion of pads.

If you don’t have a pair of 5.11 Stryke pants, buy one…If you already own a pair, you know what I’m talking about, so buy another one!

This is a great product that has assured 5.11’s position as a leader in innovation and design. I give them Five out of Five Stars and my Must Buy Recommendation.

You can order them here…

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