It’s Break ‘n Rake and Line of Fire Tactical Helped!…


line-of-fire-logoI was given the opportunity to go hands on with one the of the craziest technologies I have ever seen. It is called TEGS. Made by 3M and exclusively licensed to Line of Fire Tactical for use in tactical products, TEGS will revolutionize the way you operate!

Using micro replication technology, thousands of tiny nubs are created from and on a rubber like material. This material can be applied to practically anything through either stitching or adhesive, making any item super grippy! These nubs when used alone give a 43% increase in gripping force over plain leather and when used with the matching TEGS Tape a 170% increase over plain leather is measured. When the two TEGS surfaces come in contact with each other the nubs interlock, giving you that amazing traction and holding force. I have tried every which way to tear, rough up or otherwise mess up the TEGS surface…didn’t happen, that is some tuff stuff!

glove top

On Point…

When I put on the Pointman gloves I knew they were different from other tactical gloves I have worn and over the past several weeks I have used these gloves for everything from driving to simple tasks around the house and they are superb. The sizing is spot on. The hook-loop and elastic wrist cuffs rounds out what already feels like a custom fit. The gloves are stitched with the natural curves of the relaxed hand in mind.  What this means is that when your hands are at rest by your side they wont feel as if they are being pulled into an unnatural position like other gloves tend to do.

The dexterity is really good considering it is a bit of a thicker glove. Are you going to touch type with tegs1them? No. Can you grab a halligan and break and rake for entry without worrying about loosing your grip? Heck Yeah! The grip that forms when you go TEGS on TEGS is nothing short of miraculous. The nubs interlock, “fusing” the two surfaces together. This is where the magic happens. Looking at the image to the right, you can see that vertically there is no resistance to pushing or lifting the surfaces apart. But laterally, there is a great amount of resistance and when I say great, I mean GREAT!! Wet, dry, clogged with dirt…The grip is unaffected. The Nomex body  of the Pointman gives you great flame protection while the aggressively designed and heavily padded hard knuckles will save you from bumps and scrapes.

Meanwhile, back at the Range…

I have a Ruger with a slippery grip that needed fixing and I decided to wrapp some TEGS tape on it…every pair of Line of Fire gloves comes with 36” of TEGS tape…Problem solved! It performed well on the range with a bare handed grip and when coupled with the gloves, weapon retention and control was off the charts!

Now I have been talking with Brian from LOF Tactical and he has let me in on a secret…They have redesigned their entire product line for 2012! By listening to users in the field, they have made adjustments to the fit, feel and changed the design of the knuckle protectors and from what Brian said, these new gloves will blow you out of the water. From what I have experienced with the “old” ones I would have to agree! Along with the new gloves there was also mentioned rifle grips that had the TEGS surface molded right into them! Look for Line of Fire Tactical and their new products at the upcoming SHOT Show!

I like these gloves a lot. A good pair of gloves is something that an operator should not be without. After my experiences with TEGS and the LOF gloves I feel they would have a positive impact on your missions and I cannot wait to see what LOF Tactical is going have at SHOT!

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