ORAL IV…oral what?!

Every now and then, something interesting gets delivered to HQ and this is one of those things! My phone rings…its my son to tell me a package has arrived and to ask if he can open it. I say “Sure, go for it!” I try to include my family in what it is that I do hoping that some day they might pick up the EDC torch…anyway…across the receiver I hear the ripping of tape, thrashing of paper and a squeal of delight as my little guy, who is learning how to read shouts out “Daddy-Daddy! Its Oral IV! Its Oral IV!!…hey…uh…what’s ORAL IV?” Now that’s a good question…



WW_Brown_GreenComing from Warrior Wound Care and being fortified with eleven essential minerals in crystalloid form (more on that in a minute) suspended in purified water, ORAL IV is a rapid rehydration solution that helps the body process water. You see, as you dehydrate all kinds of nastiness takes place. Waste products build up in you system and your red blood cells begin to clump together. ORAL IV is supposed to mitigate these effects and restore your body back to its proper state. The minerals, being in crystalloid form require no processing by the body before being put to use. Other products on the market contain ingredients that need to be digested before they can be absorbed, not so with ORAL IV. In fact, any mucosal membrane that comes into contact with the solution sucks it right up because of that lack of having to process the minerals thereby resulting in rapid rehydration. ORALIV__16546_zoom

Packaged as four vials in a re-closeable plastic bag that fits in a BUD/Cargo pocket and takes up little room, ORA L IV can go anywhere you go. The vials are not resealable and can either be drank by themselves or added to 16oz. of water. It is recommended to drink water immediately following the ORAL IV to see quick results. Most results are seen in the first 30 to 90 seconds after ingestion.


“C’mon, really?”…Yes! Really!

I know what your thinking…but let me tell you, there is something to it. You all know that my reviews are my true experiences and I like to think that’s what keeps you coming back, except for my Mom. She keeps reading ‘cause she has to! She’s my Mom! But…this stuff really does seem to work.

I took it to my office and handed some of it out to persons that were in need and complaining about feeling parched. Five persons, including myself, were given the solution on different days and at different times. Two noticed feeling more refreshed in the first 60sec. The third subject was suffering from Fridaynight-itis with red eyes and noticeable fatigue. Three to five minutes after ingestion #3 was feeling better and presented a visible reduction of redness in the eyes and was more energetic. Subject four reported no results.  I was subject five…

I waited till I was good and dehydrated before taking the ORAL IV expecting to feel nothing more than I normally do when drinking a glass of water when parched. I opened the pouch, removed a vial and ingested it…It was weird…my mouth became moist and slickery…it was as if the ORAL IV solution had been immediately absorbed into my body! I have never experienced anything like that before! I took the whole vial and followed it with a 16oz water chaser as instructed. Within minutes I felt refreshed and hydrated more so than if I had taken the water alone. I believe this is an exceptional product and does what its developers claim.

According to Kino Davis, a Warrior Wound Care Team Member, ORAL IV is currently in use by various Law Enforcement agencies and Military Units and is a quite a success! He went on further to discuss that it’s currently undergoing independent clinical test to back up the mounting evidence of its effects.

Being made in accordance with FDA regulations from all natural ingredients and doing what it claims to do makes ORAL IV a winner in my book. I carry four vials in my Go Bag for myself or anyone else who may be in need!

You can read more about ORAL IV on Warrior Wound Cares ‘s website here…

ORAL IV is available for order from the Best Survival Shop here…

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3 Responses to ORAL IV…oral what?!

  1. Oral IV fan says:

    I am an ORAL IV user, & find it to be unbelievably efficient in hydrating the body. I’m yet to find a product to be as rapid & fast acting when it comes to replenishing dehydration. Excellent hangover cure, & source of replenishment, 10 out of 10 for this product.

  2. oncehewasrubix says:

    I’ve used ORALIV a couple times now for a hangover and it works perfectly! I’ve tried drinking a gatorade, or 6 cups of water, and it never works. Toss one of these in a big glass of water and you’ll be feeling better shortly. I woke up one morning last weekend and my head was pounding and my mouth was dry. I drank one tube, drank a glass of water, tossed another in a glass of water and went back to bed. I woke up about an hour later an drank some more of that glass by the bed. Went back to sleep for about another 30 minutes and I felt fine. It’s crazy. Just dont make it a habt of keeping these around so you can get all trashed with your friends. I just happened to have some extra pouches laying around after stocking my IFAK. Great product! I’m definitely ordering some more for friends and family.

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