To Shoot or not to Shoot…

Well the guys at Armed Response Training have done it again! I received a copy of their two DVD  “Shoot no Shoot” training program and it is cool! Both disks are available individually but should be bought together.

If you are a current CPL/CCW holder or are considering getting your license these disks are a must! They will forever change the way you look at carrying a handgun.

Disk One…

responsibleDisk one is required viewing prior to using disk two and after viewing them in that order I can see why. The first disk covers force escalation, legal issues and what to say to LE if God forbid, you ever have to use your weapon. It is advised, in the event of a shooting, that you tell police what happened as simply as possible. It is imperative to establish why you were forced to fire but you should stay away from giving fine details. After such a traumatic event you will be unable to immediately recall distances, time and things of the like. This is expected. Make your statement, and refrain from answering any other questions until you have spoken with an attorney. Don’t feel that you are being dishonest or evasive, you are exercising your rights as a citizen of the United States! You had no problem using your right to Keep and Bear Arms to defend yourself and your family, now use your other rights to make your case…

One thing that I liked, and heard several times on this and other disks they have done, was the instruction that if you do draw your weapon and the situation defuses, still call the police immediately after you re-holster! Grab your cellphone and call the police. You make the call, not your wife, not your friend you are with, but you. If you don’t, the person you just scared off could be on their phone telling the cops that “some crazy guy just pointed a gun at me!”. When law enforcement arrives, make sure your weapon is holstered and do exactly what they tell you to do. If the situation is serious enough to pull your gun then its serious enough to call the police!

It was also stressed that you cannot use lethal force in the protection of property or if the immediate threat is over, such as the person has turned or is running away from you or they grabbed your laptop and were taking off. You can only be justified in using lethal force if you are in genuine fear of your life. Ralph does a great job of explaining exactly what that means.

Person of the First Party, in aid to the Person of the Third Party because of the Person of the…

It doesn’t get any sticker than this…Third Party Defense. You are witnessing someone being attacked and you are carrying, what do you do? Ralph really gets into this one and shows that although you are not legally obligated to come to anyone’s defense, depending on the situation it may become necessary. A good example would be if a store robbery goes from bad to worse as the criminal(‘s) begin to move patrons and employees to the “back of the store”. This is a sure sign that something really bad is about to happen and you should act! But again, it is stressed that you are not required by law to do so. It’s an interesting topic that’s discussed thoroughly.

Disk Two, let the games begin…

shoot_NSHere comes the simulations! Wow! All I can say is wow! The simulations are astounding, the realism and emotions projected by the actors really draws you in. They are done in the first person and require you to think and really pay attention to what is going on. Now, its mentioned and understandable why it would be hard to go through the scenes more than once. I agree with this but I tried it anyway…Instead of really focusing on the actors and dialog I found myself studying and paying close attention to the body language of the aggressors looking for the subtle “tells” that indicate going for a weapon, backing off  or getting ready to charge. I feel it has helped me become more competent at reading situations and being more prepared to respond appropriately.

Following each scenario there is a debrief and description of what you could have and when you should have done something.  As I stated in a previous review of an Armed Response training video, this is not a “shoot’em up” how to. This is an honest to goodness training video dedicated to make you more proficient at carrying a sidearm. In fact some sections don’t involve pulling your weapon at all! Things you will hear over and over…carry a cellphone, know some hand to hand techniques and drawing your weapon is not always the solution.

As you progress through the scenarios you will find yourself automatically giving distance, increasing your draw speed and your point of aim will begin to drift to center mass (CM). I have always trained for CM but I found this program really reinforced it! Now I’m not going to describe the scenario layout or themes, that is for you to discover. What I will say is this…Ralph, that girl at the atm went down! I saw an early clue as to what was coming (situational awareness) and when the time came, I made space, drew and fired!

This is a must have program for anyone that carries a sidearm for self-defense. In fact, I will go so far as to say that if you carry a gun and do not get this video set then you are carrying for all the wrong reasons. Please go  your put gun away ‘cause your making the rest of us look bad.

Below are the links for ordering the DVD’s…

Disk one…

Disk two…

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