Hey Tuff Guy, is that pen your using a Tuff-Writer? Why yes, yes it is!


logoIf you have been reading for a while then you know that some articles back I reviewed the Uzi Tactical Pen. Now at that time I had nothing but a standard Bic to compare to and when you look at against your run of the mill office pen it looks pretty good. Well things have changed… I received a nifty plastic tube in the mail a short while ago that contained the Tuff-Writer Frontline Series Tactical Pen

I popped open the tube, ripped away the plastic and whipped out one sweet pen! As soon as it cleared its plastic confines I was thumping, poking and signing things left and right! From its textured grip to smooth finish this pen will forever change your perception of Tactical Pens.

Coming in at 6.5” long, .5” in diameter and being made of aluminum with a hard anodized finish the Tuff-Writer feels sizable in the hand but is easy to use and isn’t too heavy. It’s a pleasure to write with and I have found it to work well with the “Hey, lets not scare people with our pen” approach.

Apples to Apples…umm…not really!

Now for the comparison to the Uzi Tactical Pen. I’m gonna’ tell ’ya right from the start, the Tuff-Writer wins hands down. It’s a little longer and a little heavier than the Uzi but you cant tell by the way it carries in the pocket or sits in the hand when writing with it. This is a well crafted piece of equipment. Both pens use the Fisher Space Pen refills so the smoothness of the cartridge, properties of the ink and writing orientations are the same. But that’s where the similarities end…

I have found that after using the Uzi for quite a while that it feels “flippy” and seems to want to flop out of your hand when writing. Taking it out of a shirt pocket, pants pocket, pen sleeve or other common carry location can be a bit dangerous to ones knuckles and the crenelated crown tends to rough up pouch flaps and any bare skin it comes across!

The Tuff-Writer sits in your hand where it should while writing and stays there! That’s due toPhoto1194 its balance and checkered writing grip that is revealed when the cap is removed. When using it, it feels like you have a quality writing instrument in your hand and belies its alternative function as a self defense tool. Put it in your pocket and it stays there. Its clip is well formed and has enough tension to hold fast to any material put between it and the pen body. I have carried it for days at a time in the pen slot in my 5.11 Stryke pants without a single threat of loss. The Tuff-Writer has a nicely rounded end where the cap is, an almost sharp point on the other and after using it you will find its hard to put down. It feels that right!

The Tuff-Writer, even though lighter, feels more rigid and ready to rumble than the Uzi. The over all design is simple yet powerful and I think would be more than able to help you defend yourself if needed. Given the choice between the Tuff-Writer and the Uzi, I’ll take the Tuff-Writer any day! It is more than worth the difference in price. Did I forget to mention its American Made? That’s right folks, this great pen is made here in the good old US of A and that makes it a winner in my book!

The same goes for the tactical pens as it would any other weapon, get some training! The folks at Tuff-Writer have a program running right now that does exactly that. Buy a pen and get 30days worth of hand to hand combat training!

Is this pen more expensive than the Uzi? Yes…Is the Tuff-Writer worth the extra cost? Yes! This is a rock solid pen that will not let you down.

Tuff-Writer’s pen offerings go from the Frontline Series like the one tested, all the way up to Titanium pens and accessories! With the Holidays coming this is one pen and company that should not be overlooked!

Tuff-Writer website…

Click here to order…

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