Hey, that looks kind’a – Ouch! – MEDIC!


DMR Boo-Boo Bag…

The folks over at the Best Survival Shop have got one awesome kit. Put together By Dark Mountain Research, its designed to augment your standard IFAK, for those of you not in the know…IFAK stands for Improved Frist Aid Kit, this snivel kit has all the trappings that can make a few days in the bush a little more bearable.

What is a snivel kit you ask? Well, a snivel kit contains all the little things that often get forgotten or overlooked when loading up your first aid kit. We all have visions of starting an airway, sealing a sucking chest wound and using our tactical pens to do an emergency “trake”. Well folks, I ‘m sorry to say, reality is quite a bit more mundane! The most serious injury I have ever treated with any first aid kit I have carried was to wrap a dogs paw after tearing a claw over 15 years ago! Do you need an IFAK? Probably not. Is it cool to throw one in your bag? No, not really…The DMR Boo-Boo Bag will suffice for most uses.

Now I have heard the argument before, insert Bubba Voice here, “Well I’d rather have itin an ifak and not need it than need it and not have it”…if that’s how you feel, than by all means stuff your Go-Bag to the gills but don’t come crying to me when its too heavy to carry and you keep knocking down small children every time you turn around!

EDC is about carrying things that you are actually going to use and the DMR Kit is right where its at! There’s not too much and there’s not too little. Its just right. I have taken on the role as the medic for my family. If someone is hurt I’m the first on scene to administer fist aid and evaluate injuries. I take my role very seriously. So when my wife said “Ouch!…MEDIC!” on our last outing I knew I was going to be needed. I sprang into action and rushed to help. Normally when she sees me coming kitted out, she has something cute to say like “nice purse” or “hey, spiffy manny pack ya’ got there”. well the old adage holds true…”You wont find an atheist in a fox hole or an EDC heckler when the chips are down”…

How many fingers am I holding up…

Dropping to her side, I asses the injury…It’s a cut…I need a bandage…Out comes the DMR B00-Boo Bag. (yes, that’s its real name and no, I didn’t name it that…) There’s a lot of stuff in this bag! Band aids, alcohol wipes, wound closure strips, floss pics and even a razor knife! Dark Mountain has thought of it all.

Aside from wound care there are tabs for indigestion, rehydration drink mix, aspirin…the list  goes on and on. See the bottom of the review for a complete content list for the current kit. The one I was sent has found its way into my Go-Bag and is with me at all times. Now I had tried to put something like this together on my own and was really proud of it and how innovative I thought I was. After seeing the Boo-Boo Bag I realize things like this should be left to professionals!

contentsAnd professional it is. If your wondering the quality of the contents, worry not. They are all pro grade and of high quality. Nothing is skimped on, its all 1st rate! The quality is there, from the heavy duty-resealable bag to the tweezers and safety pin. I feel secure in the fact that this kit will provide everything I will need for average, light duty, day to day first aid. Keep in mind this may not provide all the things you need and was intended to round out a true trauma kit.

If you have a Go-Bag, ever made your own first aid kit or breathe, you need this DMR first aid kit! Here comes the disclaimer…Neither I or Dark Mountain Research make any claims of an increase in success of treating any injury, an  increase in your level of competence or preparedness by obtaining this kit. No kit can prepare for every possibility and no kit can replace training by a professional. With that said, this is one sweet kit that every EDC’er needs!

“What’s in the bag dad?”… (Ha! that never gets old!)

18″ Duct Tape
1 – Pack Cotton Tip Applicators
1 – Tweezers
2 – Safety Pins
1 – Razor Blade
2 – Floss Picks

4 – 1 X 3 Adhesive Bandage
2 – Extra Long Adgesive Bandage
2 – Large Adhesive Bandage (oval)
3 – Knuckle Bandage
3 – Steri-Strips
1 – 4X4 Gauze Pad (pkg of 2)
2 – 2X2 Gauze Pads (pkg of 2)
1 – 3X5 non-adherent dressing
1 – 2X3 Mole Skin Pad
1 – Bag Cotton Balls
3 – Cotton Tipped Swabs

1 – Pkt (2) Aspirin
2 – Pkt (2) Acetaminophen
2 – Pkt (2) Ibuprophen
1 – Pkt (2) Diphenhydramine
1 – Pkt (2) Bismuth Subsalicylate
1 – Pkt Tang Sports Drink w/Electrolytes
1 – Pkt Lip Balm
2 – Triple Antibiotic
1 – BurnX Burn Ointment
1 – BugX W/DEET
1 – Pkt Sunblock
2 – Iodine Wipe
2 – Alcohol Wipe
2 – Sting Eze
4 – Hand Wipes
1 – Oral Pain Relief Gel
1 – Pkt White Petroleum Jelly
1 – Pkt Salt
1 – Small Tube Super Glue

Click here to order!

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