TYR Tactical Escape & Evasion Bag…


image001Tyr Tactical is a new and upcoming company that has a lot to offer the Tactical World. From fresh designs to a revolutionary, new lightweight and rugged material, they are set to dominate the tactical gear scene. If you need a carry option for your tactical equipment and are looking for something tuff and well designed, then you need to visit the Tyr Tactical website. They have a lot of great products with inspired designs to fit all your tactical needs and the best part is they are American Made!


So a Norse god, two Dwarves and wolf walk into  a bar…

The company is named after the Norse god of war and courage, Tyr. Legend has it that Tyr was the only god brave enough to sacrifice of himself (his right hand) in the binding of Fenrir the wolf with the magical ribbon Gleipnir, made by Dwarves it was thin, light and super strong. Fenrir sensing a trap said that someone must put their hand in his mouth to prove that this test of his strength was in good faith and that he was not being tricked. As the gods debated who should do it, Tyr willingly stepped forward, seeing the greater cause and inserted his hand into the wolf’s mouth. Fenrir was then bound with the Gleipnir. Straining against the  ribbon and realizing it was truly a trap Fenrir snapped his jaws shut, removing Tyr’s right hand. Tyr had saved the gods from destruction and secured himself a place in history.

Flash forward two thousand years and  TYR Tactical is making history of its own with their front“magical” fabric PV! PV is a laminate material comprised of 500 Cordura and 200 Kevlar that will forever change the industry. Being seven times more abrasion resistant, ten times stronger that standard Cordura nylon and almost 20% lighter, it has found its way into the high wear and tear areas of TYR’s bags and pouches. If it wasn’t listed in the product description you wouldn’t know it was there. When looking at my bag that has the PV in high wear areas, I seen no difference in the color saturation of the Multicam pattern between the PV and non PV sections. Even though the material feels the same to the touch, you can tell that it is much stronger. The weight reduction is noticeable and welcome in a bag of this size. Enough about PV, lets talk about the bag…

It’s not a purse! It’s a Go-Bag!

insideWith a massive main compartment coming in at 13”W x 10”H x 5”D there is plenty of room for your gear. Not only is it spacious but it further subdivided into three sections. A mesh zipper pouch, the main center area and an full length open top pocket created by a divider. This is more that your average divider…It has four elastic loops in the middle for pens, flashlights, chemlights, utility sheers…you name it! At one end of the divider is a mesh open top pocket for a water bottle and another at the opposite end for a radio with a pass-through for an antenna and earphone/mic wires. This antenna port is covered by an elastic strip that not only covers the hole when not in use, but is the perfect width for a Grimloc!!!

The front side of the bag has two pouches. One is zippered and goes the full length of thefront2 bag and just a little shy the full height. The other gives you three options of closure…You can use it as is with the sewn on hook-loop, put in the mag shingle or the zipper panel! Wow!

The back has a full size pouch that is hook-loop lined and accommodates medium to large autos with an ambidextrous, universal holster. I like it as a home for my pistol, but found it a bit difficult to draw from. That may get better with time and practice…I almost forgot to mention the waist belt! This bag has it all, including a storable waist belt that you can use to secure the bag and keep it from swinging around on you. I found this feature to be invaluable on an afternoon bike trip to the park with my family. Pulled it out, buckled it on and the bag stayed slung behind my back!

To wrap it up…

mapThe underside of the cover flap on the E&E bag has a hook-loop closed clear vinyl map pocket. This thing is huge as map pockets go and its non detachable so you wont lose it!!

This bag is a true EDC item. With its roots firmly planted in the E&E world, it easily makes the crossover to EDC. This bag has been a joy to use. Unlike previous new bag moves, moving into the Tyr E&E bag didn’t require me to decide what gear needs to be left behind. In fact, I was able to bring along tactical gear I never had room for before! It has taken my full load-out of two bags and reduced it to one with room to spare. I love this bag…I have used it everyday since receiving it several weeks ago and found nothing to complain about. The strap is the perfect width, pockets well placed and the PV material allows for a lighter yet stronger product. The best part? With this thing on your shoulder, no one will think it’s a purse!! The size and styling say military/adventure and are masculine all the way! What you put in there might say the opposite but nobody will know till you pull the zippers.

So, what is the best thing I like about the bag?

IMG_8333Aside from the strap, PV material and overall layout? The fact that its American Made. How many times can you say that about any product you see today? Especially tactical equipment? The folks at Tyr were kind enough to send a picture of their sew room for inclusion in the review, here it is. American workers making American products! Does it get any better that this? When the quality and innovation is there it does, and Tyr Tactical brings it to the table! Looking for a new bag? Look no further than the Tyr Tactical E&E Bag!

Click here to order!madeinusa

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