blackhawk_logoThere are a number of reasons why I carry…To protect myself…To protect my family…To exercise my rights under the Constitution…Reasons may differ from person to person but what we can all agree on is that in order to do so in a safe and secure way, you need a good holster. There are many different holsters on the market today. Some good and some not so good. Well, I was given the opportunity to test out an exceptional holster, the BLACKHAWK! CQC. This holster has what it takes to provide an excellent carry platform.

Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?  Neither! its my cellphone!

I found that when wearing the CQC, the holster and gun all but disappear when throwing a cover garment over top. Now I have tested it with light jackets, sweatshirts and flannel shirts with acceptable performance. The rig vanishes, its that simple. I have warn it around friends and family without anyone noticing that I was carrying. That is exactly what you want for a concealed carry setup.

The CQC comes with two options for mounting to your side. One is the belt loop1 attachment and the other is the paddle. I opted for the paddle. It fits my lifestyle and allows for easy on and off of the holster. Well, not too easy off! The paddle has a little nub/protrusion that makes removal a bit of a challenge. This is not a bad thing because it aids in weapon retention and prevents someone from grabbing your rig and running off with it.

Use is easy, just push your gun in until you feel the click! That’s it! Push-Click, and your all set. Drawing takes a little practice and I recommend that you spend a lot of time doing just that. To draw you weapon simply press the release button with your index finger and pull up. The positioning of the button ensures that your finger will be indexed along the slide in the ready position. Be sure to practice!! By the very nature of the button release you can easily slip into the trigger guard and put yourself at risk for an AD! Don’t yank, pull or jerk the weapon out – a nice easy upward motion is all that is needed. Once the release is pressed there is nothing holding the gun in that you need to overcome.

“Draw Pardner!”

When I switched to this holster something interesting happened…The CQC fixed myPhoto1252 draw! It went from clunky and rushed to feeling smoother and quite a bit quicker. This extra bit of speed helps get the gun into play faster and the smoothness helps with accuracy. I attribute the improvements to the design and function of the CQC. It provides a rock stable platform to run your gun from. I have found that with the paddle attachment, where you position the holster on your waist band it stays, allowing for repeat placement and the development of muscle memory that is critical for concealed carry.

You can place your hand on the weapon, press the button and make ready to draw and unlike my old holster, I know how the gun is going to come out each and every time! I have trained with this holster extensively over the past several weeks and not once has there been a problem with it.

 Me and my Shadow, strolling down the avenue!

A gun without a holster is just a gun…but when paired with the CQC it becomes a entire defensive system and this sense of “system” will make you feel more confident in ability to carry unnoticed and securely. Unlike other holsters, you wont be worried that your weapon will flop out when you sit down, get out of a car or otherwise hook it on something. Plus, being a retention holster, it gives you one extra layer of protection from having someone grab your gun. Once on your side the holster stays put and gun stays locked in until you draw it!

The ergonomics are great. you can adjust it for forward or rear cant, there is a set screw to adjust the holster tension and it is really comfortable. When holstered you still have access to the safety on the P95 but the trigger is covered! This is great for keeping little fingers out of harms way and preventing an AD. I have a lot hours in this holster and I love it! This is a vast improvement over my previous holster and the only one I use now! Great job BLACKHAWK!!

If you carry, you need the BLACKHAWK! CQC SERPA holster…

Click here to see if one is available for your gun and to order…

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One Response to BLACKHAWK CQC SERPA Holster…

  1. Eric says:

    I also use a SERPA for my concealed carry platform. This holster is NOT for a beginner nor is it the type of platform for someone that just slaps his/her weapon on everyday and never practices their draw. In a dynamic situation you can find yourself struggling to draw which can put your life in danger.
    On the other hand the weapon retention aspect of this holster is bar none. There are alot of gear nuts out here that buy stuff because it is tacti-cool and don’t take in consideration the ramifications of the gear of you don’t considere all aspects of it. Its the same as a person buying glass optics when they’ve shot iron sights all their lives and never practice effectively with the switch.
    It’s your life, practice like you depend on it.

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