On Guard with Sentry Solutions!

armkitHQ is a very interesting place and we are prepared to meet all sorts of challenges, external and internal. But until a few days ago, we handled one of those challenges the traditional way. Bore cleaner, oil and a lot of patches…That is until the package from Sentry Solutions arrived!

Sentry Solutions is a premiere provider of dry lubricants and metal treatments for Military, Law Enforcement and Sporting use. They don’t sell some fancy oil or make unfounded claims about their products. They sell a metal treatment system that protects your firearms and gear and provides amazing results that go far beyond anything you can imagine.

Utilizing dry film lubricants, the Sentry Solutions products put a protective, low friction barrier between your firearm and the rest of the dirty, wet world! Take for example Smooth-Kote. This Molybdenum disulfide solution is brushed onto metal surfaces and left to dry. As the alcohol evaporates the particles in the solution enter into the pores in the metal, micro bonding and forming a super slick, sealed surface. It can be applied to feed ramps and barrels resulting in easier cleaning, better accuracy and higher muzzle velocities. Cleaning after treatment is a cinch… Just run a nylon brush through the bore and your all set! Smooth-Kote is just but one item in the Armorer’s Kit. Other favorites of mine were the Tuff-Cloth which lubricates and repels water and the Hi-Slip Grease that wont attract dirt and grime! This kit is a great product and something all shooters should have and use. Did I mention that its in use with our military? Even the Navy Seals have tested and use Sentry Solutions products!

Now to the testing!

#1) I had gone to the range a while back and after cleaning and oiling my P95 I found it to be a little “gritty” when racking. A little more oil later, it was still not performing as it should and the feel was off. My Armorer’s Kit from Sentry Solutions had arrived so I thought now would be a great time for a test…I cleaned off the oil, made sure the parts were residue free and grabbed the kit. I wiped the slide down with the Tuff-Cloth and set it aside to dry, picked up the syringe of Hi-Slip Grease and went to town! Now keep in mind a little goes a long way! Well a few drops later my slide was moving like butter! It felt smoother than when it was new! When working the action now, all I feel is the spring!!

#2) Seeing that I had already taken over the dining room table in #1 I figured “what the heck! May as well do another!” and grabbed my trusty old SKS…Again, almost the same procedure…This time I added the Tuff-Cloth and then the Hi-Slip Grease…And again the same results! It made a forty year old rifle feel brand new! I have never seen anything like this before!

#3) So banking on my success in applications #1 and #2 I ran to my parents house, showed my Dad the improvement in my P95 action and persuaded him to entrust is beloved .22 bolt action to me for a thorough cleaning and lube job… The operation was set up on their table, taking over their kitchen. How is this possible? Well the Armorer’s Kit is compact enough to fit in your range bag so its easy to take with you anywhere! The resealable bag ensures that everything is were it needs to be and the items stay put! I got to work and once again, stellar results! You could almost feel the barrel soaking up the treatment from the Tuff-Cloth! After several wiping’s, the barrel took on a whole new look.

#4) My Mother, after hearing me extol the virtues of the Sentry Solutions kit and seeing the results with my pistol and the .22 asked me to do one more…Her fathers shotgun…Now, I consider it an honor just be able to look at it let alone clean and restore it. Yes, I said restore. That is exactly what I have seen this kit do to time worn guns…It has restored them to their past luster and smoothness…Well back to what I was saying…As it was drawn from the case I inspected the wood, barrel and intricate engravings on the receiver and found myself in awe of this old Ithica  as much now as I was when I was a small boy and had seen it for the first time.

I set to work cleaning the bore, running patches and a swab until it shone, to be sure that I got the last bits of powder residue. Next was the action followed by Tuff-Clothing the barrel and setting it aside. After wiping down the wood I turned my attention to the receiver and the hunting scenes emblazoning its sides. The Tuff-Cloth practically brought them to life! The dogs and birds seemed to jump from the old blued steel and you could almost smell the autumn hunt in the air! Hi-Slip Grease was applied to the receiver internals, pump and any other area that showed wear. With assembly complete and another round of Tuff-Clothing the 12guage looked brand new. The previously stubborn pump action now moved with the grace and ease of a bounding doe and the wood of the stock and fore grip took on the glimmer and smoothness of a mid summers trout stream passing through the forest.

I showed my mother my handy work. The care and respect I had put into bringing her father’s gun back to life paid off in that I could see in her eyes many fond memories of times past spent shooting with her Dad. Come to find out, he was the last one to fire the shotgun before it was put away so long ago. I never knew my grandfather, he passed when I was a toddler, but in working on his gun and cleaning the powder from his last shot I feel as if we somehow connected  across time, however so briefly, but a connection none the less. Thank you Sentry Solutions.

You can follow the links below to the Sentry Solutions home page and the Armorer’s Kit. On a side note, this kit wasn’t the only thing in the box! Watch for a review of their Gear Care in the coming weeks!!

Sentry Solutions

Armorer’s Kit

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2 Responses to On Guard with Sentry Solutions!

  1. Glenn Martin says:

    Nicely written and good job on the review!

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