Hey! Nice Yams, Woah! Butt’er Turkey!


logoThursday was Thanksgiving and like so many other Americans my family and I trekked to my parents for dinner. Walking into the house, the aroma of freshly roasted turkey and stuffing filled my senses rendering me useless for anything else but feeding my face!

The children found their seats, food was doled out and the feasting began. Blogging, much to my wife’s chagrin has permeated every aspect of my life and Thursday was no exception! In doing this website I have had the honor to test many products and gadgets designed to make the operators life a little easier. Well, many of these items can cross from the world of tactical to practical and find a home in ones’ everyday life. That’s just what happened here.

Seeing that it was Thanksgiving and my personal mission is to eat, I wore my 5.11 stretchPhoto1268 pants (thank you Stacy!) and you all know from the review that the pockets are spacious and hold an amazing array of stuff…well after finding my place and sitting down, I began to dig around in my left pocket…as attention diverted from my Mother’s molded Butter Turkey center piece and to my fidgeting, the suspense began to build! Seeing this I played it for all I could and with showmanship second only to Barnum himself I produced the ITW Flexi-Cup! “Ta-da!!”

My children cheered, my wife rolled her eyes, my mom smiled politely an patted my shoulder…and…at the far end of the table was heard the just audible “ooh’s” and “aah’s” emanating from my father! Not one to pass up a neat looking gadget, his eyes were transfixed on the cup and as I transformed it from what for lack of a better term looks like an ashtray, into a portable beverage vessel!

Flexi-CupMade from plastic, the Flexi-Cup is a go anywhere, do anything cup that folds down and fits in your pocket! We’ve all had those collapsible camp cups that leak and only hold a “spit” of water. They are  bugger to use and if you can get it – and keep it – open it will invariably leak the moment you go to use it.

Not so with the Flexi-Cup! Weighing in at about an ounce, 3 1/2” in diameter and BPA free, this little cup can really hold its own against the competition! From hot to cold and everywhere in between, this durable 7oz. cup is all you need. The handle is more than adequate to maintain a good grip and hot liquids are right at home in this neat little cup.

I have found it to work quite well for water, coffee and hot chocolate. The cup never got so hot that it was hard to hold and when heated up, it still maintained its shape and strength! Conversely, when chilled by ice water, it was still pliable and easy to close when cold. I can’t wait to use it for soup!

Based on its performance thus far, the Flexi-Cup has found its way into my Go-Bag. I find myself using it quite a bit and I’m pleased to have it. This is one of those items that everyone needs and I strongly recommend you get one. Follow the links below for the ITW homepage and places you can purchase them from.

ITW Flexi-Cup page…

Click here to see a list of vendors…

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