This is One Sharp Kit!


kitWhen I received the goodie box from sentry solutions, tucked inside was their Gear Care Kit. Now, if you are anything like me I love to keep my knives razor sharp and ready to go at all times…from big to small, if their not sharp, they don’t do me any good…with that in mind, I do have one or two that are next to impossible to get that fine edge on. I have tried everything from hand stones to grinders to the fancy clamp and honing stone systems. Nothing really worked until now.

So I take the sharpener out and closely examine the fine and medium ceramics that make up the sharpener. Not too shabby…next I take out the TUFF-CLOTH…I love these things! You sharpen your gear and wipe it down to give a water repellant, super slick finish! Then there was the spot applicator of TUFF-GLIDE and some swabs. Plus, all of this stuff is non-toxic! How great is that? Be sure to read the instructions as how to use the kit, it makes all the difference!

On to Testing!

I took out my CRKT and ran it through the sharpener. Wow! next came my Gerber Gator. Always a little stubborn to sharpen but still a great knife, again, Wow! Last of my test folders was a little liner-lock that could hold an edge but never was smooth to open. Well a drop of TUFF-GLIDE fixed that!

Cashing in on the above success, I moved on to the fixed blades. I placed my Buck NightHawk into the groves and following the instructions, took out a blade sharper than when it was new. Next on the list was my M9. Anyone who has handled an M9 can attest to its uniqueness and durability. It is a heavy bladed knife that really can take some punishment. Well, time and use had taken its toll and the knife was due for a bit of a fresher. Sharpening was a breeze. It took the new edge like a fish to water and was much sharper than I could remember…after sharpening I applied the TUFF-CLOTH. Wiping the blade several times and letting it dry between applications allowed a nice coating to build up. It now has a very smooth and easy to clean surface that not only repels dirt, but water as well. Protecting the knife from the corrosion that it is prone to.

I can think of no better way to sharpen and protect your gear. From pocket knives to hunting and camping blades, this kit does it all!

Splitting Hairs…

The only drawback I can find is that from all the sharpening I was doing it became impossible to resist the urge to see how really sharp these knives had become…now being “Manly Men” we know there is only one true way to verify the sharpness of a blade…I now have several hairless patches on my wrists and arms!!! Yes, this little kit created blades sharp enough to shave with!

Get your kit here!

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