Everyday Tactical 2011 Holiday Buying Guide!


Over the past few months I have written about some amazing products that have had a profound impact on my EDC habits. From fire to water and everywhere in between many of these items have made their way into my go bag and now onto my Holiday Buying Guide…

1.) I tested two great products from ITW. One was the Grimloc and the other was the Flexi-Cup. Both are unique in design and function and I use them on a daily basis! The Grimloc because of application and the Flexi-Cup because its just cool! Click the links below for more information and how to order…

Grimloc / Flexi-Cup

2.) EXOTAC nanoSTRIKER. Next to water, fire is the most important thing in a survival situation. Not only will it keep you warm but studies have shown that the psychological benefits from the light and heat can make a difference between life and death. There are many ways to make fire…Matches, steel wool and a 9v, rubbing two sticks together…But by far the most “Manly” way is with the EXOTAC nanoSTIKER. Making sure you have the right tinder is important and Rob at EXOTAC suggested using Vaseline soaked cotton balls which I found worked great! I tossed it in my bag and now have fire where ever I go!

Click here to order

3.) 5.11 Stryke Pants. Words cannot do these pants justice.  If you like clothing that moves with you, are highly active or spend a lot of time at the buffet then you need the Stryke Pants! From the spacious pockets to the reinforced seat and knees, you cant go wrong with these! With spacious cargo pockets and the two front mag pockets, you will fall in love with these pants!! I try to wear these pants as often as possible and if ever I’m in a survival type situation, odds are I’ll have ‘em on!

5.11 Stryke Pant

4.) Sentry Solutions Gear Care Kit. This is one great kit for keeping you knives sharp and ready for action. After just one use, the sharpener has found a home in my Go-Bag. I cant tell you how many times it has come in handy to sharpen a friends knife and establish my position as Alpha Male!!

The Kit can be found here

5.) I had the pleasure of reviewing one of TUFF-WRITER’s pens earlier this year and was impressed by its quality. TUFF-WRITER makes what I consider to be the best tactical pens you can buy. Don’t let their stylish looks fool ya’…these pens are built to take a beating and if necessary, dole one out!!

TUFF-WRITER homepage

6.) Tyr Tactical Escape and Evasion Bag. Now this is a bag! With a wide strap and Tyr’s special abrasion resistant fabric, this bag will do all you ask of it and more. The hidden waist belt prevents it from swinging front when bending over and helps to keep it in place. The main cargo area is well organized and pockets are many and thoughtfully placed. This could very well be the last bag you ever buy!

Tyr E&E Bag

7.) Inforce flashlights…I tested their WML weapon light and was blown away by the light quality, ergonomics and thoughtful design. Even though this is a weapon light I use it as my EDC light and keep it in my bag…Based on what I have experienced I would recommend any of their lights for your lighting needs! Below is a link to their product page.

INFORCE Products Page


In Closing…

If you have been following my blog then you know that I have reviewed more than a few weapon related items and that they seem to be absent here. While they all are worthwhile products the explanation of their absence is simple…weapon related accessories are subject to strong personal feelings and opinions and therefore, I feel, do not make good gifts…I have a friend that is an avid shooter…I would no sooner by him a light for his shotgun for Christmas as I would buy him a pair of underwear…you just don’t do it…

Have fun with the run up to the Holiday this year and remember, it is better to give than receive!!

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One Response to Everyday Tactical 2011 Holiday Buying Guide!

  1. Jesse says:

    Great list. The Tyr Bag and Stryke pants are high quality

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