Whats in the Bag Man?


ITSheaderLogoIf you have a Go-Bag you know the challenges faced when you are looking to OBC or “off body carry”. Now this article is not going to be about the pros and cons of OBC, everyone has an opinion on it and its one of those things that can get a little heated.

What I think we can all agree on is that there is no good way to carry a sidearm in your Bug Out Bag…until now!… Every manufacturer that makes a bag also has their own special hook loop holster to hold your gun in place. That’s nice and all, but every time I see one of those I think “gosh, there must be a better way…” Well now there is…

Allow me to introduce you to the ITS Holster Insert. Handmade by Zulu Nylon Gear in thePhoto1310 USA, it was designed for the ITS Discreet Messenger Bag. Even though it was meant for their bag, it will work in most bags on the market today that have a body side zipper pocket that is lined with hook loop material!  The low profile design takes up little to no room when empty and provides a secure home for my full size Ruger in both of my bags!!

What I like is the ability to carry my gun and extra mag in the same pocket, plus the hook loop panel the holster is built on provides a secure and stable platform that allows for a repeatable draw stroke. With some other in-bag holsters the adjustable holster strap is held in place with a small strip of hook loop that feels loose and can move around. Not so with the ITS Insert. This 4” x 4” area of grip lets you place your gun where you want it, how you want it and “finding” it to re-holster is a snap!

Photo1311I have used the Insert quite a bit and find it to be the best on the market. It allows you to carry your sidearm off body discreetly and securely with no one being any the wiser! Now there are some things to take into consideration when OBC. Do not leave your bag unattended and always be sure the bag is secure to your person. Bag carry is not for every occasion or venue but when it is, its great! The draw from a bag is different than that from the hip and practice is really needed to get that gun into play safely and quickly. As I mentioned before, the Holster Insert allows for secure gun placement that translates into a repeatable draw and this is where practicing comes into play to build up the muscle memory necessary to use the bag and holster combo effectively. I found that the strap was the biggest roadblock to getting on target. I adjusted my draw accordingly, worked out the kinks and now it works great. Not only did I find the strap was getting in the way but the bag’s position tends to change with every step and the contents can impede getting a good grip on your gun. To combat this I looked good and hard at what was in my bag that needed to stay and what could go. After some adjustments, that was no longer an issue. As this points out, bag carry can be a little trickier than normal hip carry but with fore- thought and practice it’s a great alternative when the situation dictates! That’s why having a good holster is so critical and this one from ITS fills that need!


If you have a bag that you carry everyday along with your sidearm, you need this holster. The price is such that there is no excuse for not having one. Be sure to check your local laws pertaining to carrying a concealed weapon before use.

There is something I would like to add about Imminent Threat Solutions…Not only do they sell some great products, but they also educate about the tactical lifestyle! Take a look at their website and you’ll see what I mean. Everything from knots to field medicine is covered and I find them to be an invaluable source of information! Follow the links below to order the Holster Insert and find the ITS homepage!

Click here to order the Holster Insert…

ITS Homepage…

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One Response to Whats in the Bag Man?

  1. Bryan Black says:

    Thanks for the review guys! Great points on off-body carry!

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