TYR Tactical Assaulters Sustainment Tactical Back Pack

logoTyr Tactical doesn’t solely rely on its in-house designers to come up with new products. As the Assaulters Sustainment Pack shows, they also listen to the end users of their products. This is were the ASP came from. It seems that operators were looking for a pack that could be used for Everyday Carry and used with currently deployed modular armor systems.

The versatility of this pack is further enhanced by the removable back3 padding and shoulder straps! You read that right, the padded back panel  is MOLLE compatible and simply weaves on and off! While were here, lets talk about this comfort panel… One thing I have found with back packs is that no matter how they are constructed I always sweat my back off! Not so with the Assaulters Pack. With its generous air channels, strategically placed pads and air mesh construction you will stay dry and comfortable in any condition! Also. with the padding off and the straps removed you can attach it directly to your armor giving you the ultimate in usability.

2The inside of the ASP has a main compartment (360ci), a unique hook loop/ MOLLE hybrid zipper pouch that sits near the top and a mesh pocket making it hydration compatible. Add to that three ports for antennas or drinking tubes and webbing over 90% of its surface and this pack can be adapted for anything from combat to a day at the park!

The outside also sports a beaver tail! I found this to be invaluable when I took the kids to the Fishing Expo. There was room (680ci) for their jackets, my A212 and snacks! The external pouch expands out and is secured by the six adjustable buckle straps that line the edges of the beaver tail and base. You can fill it up an make sure its tight to keep your stuff in place! Plus, the pouch being partially constructed of mesh is an excellent place to put wet gear to let it dry out!

The pack is a pleasure to hump around. I have hung up my Tyr E&E bag for the time1 being and been using the ASP exclusively for the past few weeks. What the ASP lacks in pen loops and interior pockets compared to the E&E,  it makes up for in high mobility. Not only did it hold all my gear, my kid’s stuff and all the swag from the Fishing Expo but it was easier to navigate through the crowds. I cant tell you how many times I’ve had my shoulder bag kitted out and tried to work through a packed mall and have practically knocked people over! Sometimes it’s a good thing to carry a camouflage wrecking ball but at others, not so good…This is where the ASP shines, coming in at 21.2oz thanks to the revolutionary PV500 material and a nice spacious interior, it was the perfect tool for the mission at hand.

Seeing that the E&E bag had spoiled me on its organization I opted to add an admin pouch to the outside, under the top of the beaver tail. Tyr has a some great options for this and I think this one would work the best. Adding the pouch was easy and was keeping to the spirit of adaptability inherent to the ASP. One admin pouch, two chemlights shoved into the webbing on either side, my Sidewinder Compact on the left shoulder strap and I’m good to go!

Click here to learn more about the Assaulters Sustainment Pack and order…

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2 Responses to TYR Tactical Assaulters Sustainment Tactical Back Pack

  1. Never heard of the TYR brand before. I like the heavy duty back panel so you don’t get things poking into your back 🙂 . On the first picture (the side shot) is there Molle webbing on the side or am i seeing it wrong?

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