The Coast Portland HP21 “Light Cannon”


1Few industries have been impacted by LED technology and one-up-man-ship quite like the flashlight industry. It started out with who could put the most LEDs in one unit…then it went to run times…and now its all about Lumens.

That’s where the Coast Portland HP21 shines! Weighing in at a useable 1,317 lumens with a 2hr runtime on high, the HP21 can be considered a Maglite Killer. If you are questing for a heavy duty patrol light or a good flash to keep in your car or boat, look no further.

The “Light Cannon” runs on four D cells and produces an astonishing beam. Utilizing2 Coast’s Pure Beam Technology, a simple push or pull on the rubber covered bezel and you go from a wide flood beam to a tight bull’s eye that on high allows the HP21 to reach out to 825 feet!! Driven by seven Cree XP-G’s it is the most powerful light I have seen yet!

All the features of the light are easily activated. One click for high-click off and on for strobe-click off and on for low…No fancy button patterns here. Its all straight forward click ’n. This is not an EDC light…At 15.5” long and just under 3lbs. it is a job specific light. Foot patrol, SAR, home security, camping and hunting…this light is excellent for those tasks. Finding a Lego spaceman under the couch? That’s overkill!!

Photo1342Now a first for me and to show you the quality and pride Coast puts into this light, the HP21 came in a molded foam and nylon zipper case that accommodates not only the light but the belt ring and shoulder strap. That’s right, this is the only flashlight I have ever seen that comes with an adjustable shoulder strap!!


Now for the testing…

The “Light Cannon” arrived in a nondescript brown box via a bigger brown box with wheels and knowing what it was I tore trough that cardboard like a kid on Christmas day! My nose was greeted by the aroma of new electronics and my eyes feasted on the custom carrying case. My hands were a little unsteady with anticipation as I inserted the included Duracells and prepared to light it for the first time!

And…Click! Woah!!! The dog ran out of the room, my kids cheered with delight and my wife sat there, shaking her head with eyes closed…The strobe elicited cries of “Dance Party!!” from my children and I was more than happy to oblige…unfortunately it had to be cut short because my wife and I were getting sick to our stomachs…strobe works!

After seeing high and strobe the low feature was kind’s like “oh…ok, that’s low…Now lets go outside and see what we can light up!” In an attempt to avoid a visit by the local police I enlisted my neighbor John to see how well it worked in the neighborhood. It lit up the entire street all the way to the end, plus with two grown men ooh-ing and ahh-ing on his front porch, it was clear to the everyone that we were not peering into homes or some marauding alien force!

Make no doubt about it, this is a manly light! The body is substantial enough to get a good grip without if feeling like its to big in the hand and the weight lets you know it’s a serious tool. When I picked this light up and turned it on I got 3 inches taller, my voice dropped and octave and I sprouted more hair on my chest! That’s how manly the HP21 is!!

This is a product that I recommend for LEO, SAR, MIL and anyone looking for the brightest flashlight on the block.

Click here for more information and how to order the HP21…

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