GunVault GV1000


gv1000s_1I know the biggest challenge faced by me and others as gun owners is being able to secure you weapon from unauthorized persons while still maintaining ready access in case of an emergency.

For the longest time the only option was a case with a padlock on it. Imagine trying to fumble in the dark and under stress looking for the right key or putting in a combination! You cant keep the key or com. with the box, that defeats the purpose of the whole setup…If you cant get the box open, your fancy sidearm is now reduced to the effectiveness of a brick!

This is where Gun Vault comes in. Relying on a four finger keypad and key backup, youkeypad firearm is safely removed from children and irate spouses but still gotten to quite easily when the need arrives. The vault is mountable to walls or shelves with the included hardware. There is an optional cable lock that is available for travel use. Coming in at about 8lbs.  its not to heavy to take on vacation for reliable storage and  being constructed of heavy gauge steel with a mar resistant coating, bumps, dings and scratches are not something you need to worry about.

As a parent, I’m well aware that kids and guns don’t mix. My biggest concern is keeping my sidearm away from them to prevent any accidents. I would never be able to live with myself it they ever got hurt. To solve that, there are a lot of products on the market designed to keep guns away from children but the locking mechanisms and mechanics are exposed. If your kids are like mine, you know its only a matter of time till they work it open!

undersideWith that in mind I showed my son half the pattern for the vault, tossed one of his cars in and shut the door. He was excited to help dad test the box and 45min later he was ready to give up on trying to crack the code…”Dad” he says, “I think I need a screwdriver…” So I obliged him…30mins later he’s done! After much prying, shaking and other general abuse the box refused to yield to him.

Not to be out done, my wife took up where he left off convinced that this was a job for an adult…What she lacked in determination in attacking the code she tried to make up for with in brute force. All that was accomplished was a few scuff marks on the edge of the door and the bending of a Craftsman screwdriver!!

Now, all this security is great but with the adrenalin flowing and the heart racing, will you be able to enter the com/pattern when you need to? That was my second concern. Not only do you want to keep the gun safe, you want to be able to access it in an emergency. I was provided just such a test and let me tell you, there is no doubt in my mind, you will be able to get to your gun if you need it…just remember to practice the pattern…just like other weapon skills its all about muscle memory…

The product I tested was the GV1000. It has enough room for my gun, two mags and a flashlight. There are various styles of the vaults available, bigger, smaller and even ones that read your fingerprint!

This is a great safe and I believe that every gun owner should have one of these in their home. The price is right, just as is the level of security. I sleep better at night knowing that I’m protecting my family from those that would do them harm and from them hurting themselves.

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