BDS Tactical Squad Leader Admin Pouch (SLAP)


SLAPThe Gang at BDS did it again! Made from Cordura and trimmed out with #10 zippers, this is one pouch that, in my opinion, takes the lead with excellent organization and ease of access to your gear.

From the first moment I opened the pouch, feeling the smoothness of the zippers as the outer shell parted to reveal the BDS idea of organization, I knew SLAP was something special. The outside of the pouch has a hook loop flap closed pocket roomy enough for a large cellphone and multitool. On the internal body-side divider, there are more pen sleeves than you can shake a chemlight at! The outboard internal divider has two larger pockets sewn in that can accommodate two double stack pistol mag each! Or as I’ve done, a few usb flash drives in a neoprene holder an a tube of Mighty Putty! (that stuff fixes everything!!)

So what do I have in mine? Here’s the list….Keep in mind, I’m using this with a backpack to provide a higher order of organization for the little stuff. This is not my full EDC…

20’ Para CordSLAP_Detail

Gerber Multitool

Nail Clippers

2 Flash Drives

Mighty Putty

Surefire Flashlight

Fire Starter w/Tinder

Sharpie & Pen

Knife Sharpener

Oral IV 4 Pack

Phone Cable

Antenna & Scanner

Grimocs and some 123A Batteries

As you can see, there is a lot of  room in the SLAP for everything…Even the kitchen sink! The pouch is just the right size…Its not so small that you have to thin your kit to use it or so large that you begin to carry more stuff than you need. As Goldilocks said, “This one is just right!”

Combine that with the new Stacker Lock design and you have an awesome pouch that is a snap to weave onto your gear. The Stacker Lock is simple and it works as advertised. It provides an ultra secure mounting for the SLAP. Once its on, this pouch wont shift or move at all. Trust me, I‘ve pulled, jerked, swung, shook and yanked on the SLAP and it didn’t budge!

Knowing the impact this pouch has made on my EDC I can only imagine the uses troopers in the field have found for it! If you have a bag, pack or vest you are looking to improve the organization of, look no further. The BDS SLAP will take your old and busted Go-Bag and make it a powerhouse of order and neatness! 

Just like everything that BDS makes, the SLAP in manufactured in the USA and is qualitymadeinusa all around. The stitching is impeccable and the attention to detail noticeable.

In an rapidly changing environment where you need quick and reliable access to your gear, the SLAP is where its at. Things stay where you put them. Gone are the days of fumbling for items in your kit! I’ve been BDS SLAP’d!…how about you?

Click here to order!

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