Oh their very pretty Col. but can they fight?


1That iconic line from the Dirty Dozen can be used to sum up so many things…Soldiers, boots, knives…you name it and it can be measured with that saying…But at its core, what does it truly mean? It means you can have the best looking tool in the fanciest looking packaging from a big name manufacturer but if it doesn’t work like you need it to, its worthless! Sometimes picking the right tool can be harder than using it! Not so with the SOG Flash II line of knives!

SOG has a reputation and name recognition that many companies would kill for and over the years they have proven themselves to be on the cutting edge (ha!) of knife technology. From fixed blade to folders, they have strived to be in the front of the line. Now I love knives. Always have, always will…there is something about a good piece of steel in your hand that makes you feel like you can tackle anything and when a knife has that quality to it you know…

The SOG arrived in the usual way and I was eager to take it out and put it to task. Rightpocket clip off the bat I noticed the low profile belt clip. Its low slung, not flashy and has a matte finish to the steel. The way its mounted to the handle allows the knife to ride below the pocket opening and belies what’s there. To most people it looks like a pen and raises no suspicion or fosters any questions…and that’s only if they notice it in the first place!

springThe opening action is smooth and the SOG Assist gets the blade into play faster than anything I have seen. Now, it did take a little getting used though! The sensation of the blade whipping out and slamming into the handle and locking itself in place was a little unsettling at first but after a bit of playing with it, it became like second nature. As the instructions warned, the opening action was addictive! The knife is made to be opened and closed single handedly and unlike others in this class, SOG has achieved this in a fashion that is comfortable and feels secure.

The Flash II is as easy to close as it is to open. On the left side of the handle is the lock release. Simply slide it toward you with your thumb and use your thigh or other surface to apply pressure to the blade and push till closed!

It’s firm in the hand and the glass reinforced nylon handle resists transmitting hot or cold to the user and has ample checking and finger grooves to provide a secure grip. This great hold combined with the razor sharp factory edge make for one capable tool.

The Aus8 blade has the right mix of stainless steel and carbon to give you a strong, corrosion resistant blade with excellent edge retention. Since I received it, the Flash II has been used for cutting cardboard, paper, rope, paracord…you name it, this knife has cut it and the all without needing to touch up the edge!

I even used the knife to eviscerate a Sponge Bob piñata at a birthday party.(that was my favorite task!) I could sense the jealousy of the other parents there as I plunged the satin finished blade into his yellow, smiling body. Making a long incision, his contents spilled to the floor like brightly colored, sugary innards! Much like I had often thought would happen were I ever to have the opportunity of meeting him in some dark alley… Ok, I’ll admit, that sounds a little creepy but have a couple kids and you’ll know where I’m coming from! 

Now, one feature that the Flash II has that I have not seen before on a knife is a safety. Its located toward the rear of the handle on the left side. It’s a neat little addition that will prevent the blade from possibly popping out in your pocket, which could really ruin your day and your pants! Don’t think of it as a safety like you would find on a sidearm. It will not keep children from getting the blade out and potentially hurting themselves…its sole purpose is to protect your thigh! Knowing this I put the safety to the test. It kept my leg safe and in one piece but was easily deactivated by my two year old… Just like gun safety, no feature is a replacement for common sense to keep weapons out of the hands of children…Its your responsibility to keep your kids safe!!

With all that being said, the Flash II is an exceptional knife that will serve you well for years to come. I give it a thumbs up and must have recommendation. If you are looking for a good tactical folder that handles well, gets into play fast but doesn’t look like it belongs on the range, then the Flash II is for you! Below is the link to the knife as tested, but there are other versions that look more tactical and some that look down right “recreation only”. You cant go wrong with a SOG, especially the Flash II!!

Click here for more information…

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