5.11 Tactical Trainer Mid


1Right around Christmas I entered 5.11’s Tactical Adventure blogging contest. A few weeks later 5.11 contacted me and I was informed that I was a finalist!!! WooWhoo!! Well, I didn’t come in first but being a finalist I won a pair of boots and socks!!! More socks!! I love 5.11’s tactical socks. If you spend your day on your feet, you owe it to yourself to get these socks. Order two pair…trust me…once you try them on you will be glad you have a second pair for when the first pair are in the wash!

Well I had my choice of boot and I opted for the Waterproof Trainer Mid in black. These boots are great! They took everything late Jan. and Feb. could throw at them without missing a beat! The snow and slush really put the waterproofing to the test and they passed with flying colors!

And breathe, in and out…in and out… 

3The sides of the Trainers have mesh for ventilation and suede in key stress and wear spots with a rubber toe cap. The breathability is nothing short of amazing. Fresh air with every step keeps your feet cool and comfortable to the end of your mission and the water proof membrane keeps the water at bay!

The Ortholite insole and compressed EVA midsole give you comfort and support that stays constant throughout the day. I wear these boots all day, every day. The comfort cannot be beat. They are as soft and supportive at the end of the day as they were at the beginning and after several months of constant use, they show no signs of damage or wear.

You gotta have sole…

The newly designed sole puts the traction on the ground where it needs to be. From ice to2 mud to gravel, this hiking shoe has kept me going and allowed me to stop on a dime! Fences are no challenge and I have found them to be squeak free on tile and darn near silent everywhere else!

Like above, after using them everyday for several months the soles show no sign of wear. The tread is still as apparent today as it was when I took them out of the box. Not to mention the fact that they still smell fresh! That’s because of the antimicrobial properties of the interior of the boot!

Tying it all together…

Ok, the sausage laces look goofy but they work! I’m notorious for having to tie my laces at the most inopportune times…at the zoo, playing frisbee, walking down the middle isle in Sams Club! (yeah, I’m that guy!) These laces stay tight and maintain constant pressure holding the hiking boots closed and helping to contribute to the overall comfort. Now, like I said, they do look silly but your pants will cover them up!

I’ve had Altama’s, Bates…you name ’em…I’ve tried ‘em and 5.11 blows them all away. From fit & finish to comfort and wear resistance, 5.11 has never failed to impress.

Click here to read more and order…

(Psst! the socks can be found here!)

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