Going Ga-Ga for Gerber…

PrimaryLogo-B&WSince the dawn of time, man has used knives of one form or another. From sharpened bone and antler to obsidian, bronze and finally steel. They have been at our side as a tireless companion for millennia along with the dog and now Gerber has given the lowly pocket knife an update!

Sporting a Tanto styled blade, uniquely designed handle and G10 grip, the Gerber Tactical Remix redefines the tactical folder.

Fit and Finish is astounding as is the attention to detail and style. I have seen a lot of liner locks in my day and this one really stands out. The main thing I noticed right away was the position of the blade when closed. Its smack dab right in the middle of the handle! No rubbing, bumping or scraping! The pivot is smooth and not loose. The Remix is just as at home on patrol as it would be in a museum showcase. It’s a beautiful piece of equipment… Period…


There’s a rawness projected by the blade that comes from the visual contrast created by the horizontal and vertical grind lines visible through the finish converging at the tip. The substantial thickness makes for a strong thrusting blade that will punch through various materials and the chisel tip and serrations lend it a wide versatility making the Remix a jack of all trades!

The knife is operated single handedly like most liner locks, but what makes the Remix different is the oversized thumb stud. Its not really a stud, its more like a slab of steel screwed into the back! There is no missing this thing to deploy the blade and it makes it a snap! I love it!!

The G10 handle provides a secure grip that will not slip when wet or covered in muck and1 its unique styling presents a secure platform for thrusting and chopping! At first look you think “how the heck are you supposed to grip this thing?” but its really intuitive! Once you pick it up your hand just naturally seems to know how to hold it!

We all carry pocket knives for various reasons, but in the end if you cant use it to start a fire, make a shelter and prep a meal, what good is it? The Gerber Remix is capable of this and more. After much pleading  I gave into my son and we had a fire and roasted marshmallows in the backyard. I used the Remix to split smaller limbs and leftover shims into kindling and feather sticks. Using woods of different density provided an excellent durability test. After much chopping, pounding, prying and other splitting related abuse the knife’s action was still smooth and without so much as a wiggle! The lock never failed to hold the Remix open and the blade never lost its tip or edge. Wow! Great job Gerber!

peepsWith the fire going it was time to focus on food…The plastic wrapped box of Peeps ( they were all we had!) proved no match and in seconds the food was a’ cooking!! Now I know what your thinking…Roasting Peeps is not survival and I would tend to agree, but I know a five year old that would argue the point with you!

Food is relative, heat and shelter is not. The Gerber Remix is one of those tools that if lost or loaned out to your thieving brother-in-law , you will miss it forever! I have several pocket knives to choose from when starting my day and I select various ones for various reasons…The Gerber has been on top of the pile for some time now and I think its going to stay there!

I would call the Tactical Remix by Gerber a must have item for any EDC Kit! Be on the lookout for more reviews of Gerber products, this wasn’t the only thing in the box!!

Click here for more information or to order the Gerber Tactical Remix…

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