Get a Grip With Gerber’s new Sight Tool!


PrimaryLogo-B&WI was given the opportunity to review Gerber’s New take on the tactical multitool and let me tell ya’ this is one heck of a strong tool! It’s stainless steel construction ensures years of corrosion free use and its black oxide finish will help keep reflections at bay! The weight is substantial enough to aid in control of the tool but not so much as to impede its use. The grips are well rounded and don’t dig into your hands when getting a hard grip and the bit lock is great at preventing the various tools from folding closed on your hands while using them!

A unique feature that I really like is the ability to deploy the plier jaws without having to open the tool. a good flick of the wrist and out they come. it was a little tricky at first, but with practice and determination you will get the hang of it!

I successfully used it in place of a pocket knife on several occasions. The weight is a bit of a concern in this regard but not enough to prohibit its use in that role. In comparison to another Gerber multi tool I have and use frequently, the sight tool stands out. What it lacks in a pair of scissors it more than makes up for in ruggedness and great ergonomics It’s a handy tool to have around and it has found a permanent home in my go bag.


Now, all of that is well and good but what really makes the Gerber Sight Tool stand out are the following features….

First and foremost is the sight adjustment tool for the M4/M16 family of rifles. The tool attaches via a super strong magnet and does exactly what its supposed to. Along with that is a fold out carbon scrapper that will reach into those hard to get places. Gerber has thought of it all with this tool…

Second is the one tool that won my heart. The Phillips head screw driver. This is where manufacturers drop the ball. The bits are either to small, cut in half or some other space saving design. The Gerber Sight Tool? A full size screwdriver with an extended shank! Thank you Gerber!

I would be remiss if I left out one really good feature. Aside from the Phillips driver, the only other thing that can ruin an otherwise nice multitool is the wire cutters. Use it a few times cutting various gauge wires and the cutters get all chewed up and snarly. Your multitool is now done as wire cutter…hopefully you have a nice Phillips driver on it!!

Gerber fixes this with replaceable carbide wire cutters! What does that mean? Well if they ever go dull or get roughed up all you need to do is remove the set screws, take the inserts out rotate to a new cutting edge and reinsert! That’s it and your back in business! Being made of carbide ensures they will function longer and cut better. Being replaceable means you will never have to buy another multitool again!

Aside from the cutter issue, another thing I’ve found that has plagued multi tools since their inception has been plier twist. You get a new tool, grasp something at an odd angle…give it a twist and presto! Your jaws no longer line up! I can’t tell you the number of times that has happened to me. It drives me crazy and really limits how I use my multi tools. In all honesty, what good is your repair if you broke your tool in the process?

Now, it was Gerber’s turn…I have tried to twist these pliers…Bolts, steel bars, pipes…I was not able to make them twist, wiggle or otherwise get out of alingnment! This is a rock solid, quality product that lives up to the Gerber name.

If your in the market for a new multitool, look no further than Gerber! I would trust my life with this multitool…can you say that about yours?

For more information or to get yours, follow the link below…

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