Summer Pack’n BDS Style!


Fanny_closed1As an avid hiker and outdoorsman, I love all the seasons. Summer, winter, fall and spring! I love being out “there” doing something year round. As an EDC however, I dread summer. You know how it is…flip-flop…flip-flop…pull up your shorts and re-tuck your gun! The cycle repeats over and over…There never seems to be a good way to summer carry. Sure, you can wear a cover shirt and trousers but you might look a little weird at the the beach with flannel and jeans! Throw in a large frame auto and you might as well stay in the car…

If your like me a solution is hard to find. Some would suggest to get a smaller gun but marital circumstances wont allow for the purchase of “another gun!?” for any reason and what you do have wont fit into your pocket unless its huge and you don’t mind a more than obvious print.

Well, BDS Tactical has a solution! It’s the Tactical Weapons Fanny Pack! Yes folks that’sFanny_open2 right “another fanny pack!?” Designed a lot like the med pack reviewed here, the zippers are the same but instead of all the organizational bells and whistles it has an awesome hook loop holster! Make no mistake, this is a holster in a bag and it performs its designed task like a pro! If you are looking for a summer carry option that says “regular guy, no gun here…” then this is for you!

My gun and myself suffer from the same issue…we have larger frames… but this pack accommodates us both! The belt is easily adjustable and the buckle secure enough that you wont worry about it opening up or sliding down. Storage is spot on with the main section devoted to the sidearm as it should be and a smaller pocket on the outside flap large enough for a wallet and keys. The body side of the fanny pack has a full length pocket running from end to end and closed off with one of BDS’ trademark #10 zippers! I love their zippers!! (as is the other compartment on this pack)

Detail_FannyThe holster securely holds your sidearm wherever you place it. There is more than enough hook loop for the holster to grip to and you can put as much cant on it as you want. The main compartment is close off with two #10 zippers for ease of access and open the pocket 180deg. As with any holster you need to practice to become proficient in your draw and develop the necessary muscle memory. The BDS Tactical Weapons Fanny Pack allows you to do just that. It gives you a stable enough platform that you can practice to your hearts content and the gun will be where it should be each and every time you go for it!

The construction is sturdy enough that you wont print and the fanny pack lets retain your weapon without loosing your pants! Going out this summer? Carry a gun? Then you need the BDS Tactical Weapons Fanny Pack!

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  1. Great website! I am loving it!!

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