The Agilite Longtail Advanced Ammo Pouch…


agilite_logoIf there is anything I like more than flashlights and knives, its pouches! Take a browse through some past articles and you will see what I mean!

The Longtail is an awesome piece of kit made by newcomer Agilite. They have taken the concept of a mag pouch and combined it with an admin pouch and created one of the most versatile pieces of kit I have ever seen.

Not only is it innovative in design, which we’ll talk about in a minute, but is rock solid in construction. Double stitching is the standard here and the fabric is tops. The Multicam is as rich as ever with good color density across the fabric and matches my other Multicam gear.

The Agilite Longtail wove easily onto my Tyr packs Beaver tail.IMAG0316 The webbing meshed quite well providing a rock solid anchor taking up a 2×6 panel. The additional storage and outboard pockets. I have utilized them for my flashlight, multitool, headphones, chemlight…you get the picture!

Designed with the intention to hold three mags for the M4 family of black rifles, the Longtail is spacious. There’s room for a radio, camera and Lord knows what else! The main pouch is huge and roomy for just about anything you can throw in there. Facing the pouch, on the left side is a hook loop closed admin Pocket big enough to hold a smartphone. On the opposite side are two sleeves for torches or multitools. Stitched onto those sleeves are two elastic loops for chemlights or whatever. Plus, they are just the right size for Grimlocs!! WooWhoo!!

A really neat addition are the intel windows. Hidden on the main flap that closes the pouch, they are accessed via opening a buckle and pulling down and out to break the strong hook loop that secures it in place. What an awesome touch!

So how does it work?

IMAG0315We packed up the kids and headed out for the zoo. It was the best I could come up with for an organization test! I mounted the Longtail to my backpack and secured it in place. After stuffing it with a pair of binoculars, my surefire, Gerber sight tool, chemlight phone cord, and headphones I was ready to go! Funny thing, there was still room for a bottle of water! The zoo was a blast and the pouch survived!

Banking on the success of the zoo trip the Longtail was a feature piece of kit on the trip toIMAG0317 Greenfield Village. It was marvelous! Stuffed to the gills with plastic ware, napkins and straws, this not so little number held it all and answered the call of duty.

Now being designed for more glamorous missions in far flung lands you might think this is a waste of its talents. Trust me, it’s not. The intel windows held a creatively folded map of the park allowing us to rapidly locate restrooms while the main pocket provided quick access to napkins and straws. When one straw would hit the ground, another one was right at hand!

Whether carrying bullets and chemlights or plastic forks and napkins, the Agilite Longtail will keep your gear at hand and well organized!

Click here for more information and to order…

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