CFB…Combat Fixed Blade knife by Gerber


Nothing had such a profound impact on the history of mankind as steel. it was stronger than bronze and could be sharpened to an edge that would rival that of flint. Steel forever changed how we survived and waged war.

From the simplest of pocket knives all the way up to the fantasy creations of gifted designers, all knives harken back to their first ancestors. No matter how advanced we become, the one tool that will never be replaced is the knife. Every time you pick one up, feel its heft and use it to cut something you share a part of that legacy.

Fast forward a few millennia and behold the Gerber CFB! It has changed the face of combat knives for good and represents the next step in edged weapons.


Sporting a tanto style blade shape with full tang construction, the Gerber CFB is one nice knife! Being razor sharp from the factory and looking like something that could overthrow a third world country, I set about finding challenges to see if this knife would work as good as it looks.

IMAG0355Drawing it from the sheath takes a determined pull. It’s not going to fall out by accident! The plastic sheath rides well on the nylon carrier and gives the CFB a stable home. When returning the blade to the sheath you have to give it a firm push until you feel a reassuring thump as the knife locks into place. Did I mention the whole thing is jumpable?

The sheath attaches to belts and webbing and wears really comfortably. Included with it is a length of paracord to tie around your thigh, really strapping it down! Attention to detail is there with good stitching and quality snaps. The plastic sheath is removable from the nylon carrier and can be attached to almost anything giving it even more versatility. 

It didn’t take long and after splitting some firewood and falling a tree about 4″ in diameterIMAG0362 I realized the CFB was really something special.

The fit in the hand is good with a substantial, yet not overwhelming feel. It has enough heft to aid in chopping and give it a good balance. the top and bottom of the tang are grooved for a secure nonslip grip and the cutouts just aft of the blade are deep enough to give the feeling and surety of a hilt.

Not only does the CFB excel at chopping and heavy cutting, but it handles the fine work just as well. Feather sticks and trap parts were no problem to make. From a survival standpoint this knife will keep you alive. From a fighting/combat perspective, the only place I would want to be is behind it!

IMAG0358The Gerber CFB is a great knife and well worth the investment. American made, and designed to take the worst the world can throw at it, the CFB is an excellent choice for those looking for a durable knife for survival , camping and MIL/LEO use.

I have used this knife so many times its hard to keep count. Every time, I’m impressed with the quality and how well it functions. Great job Gerber and keep up the good work!


Click here for more information and how to get yours!


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