You Light up my Life!

Lanterns. Who among us does not like a good lantern? Coast has re-written the book on EAL20lanterns with its EAL20. Taking their years of experience and LED know how, they have developed one of the most sophisticated LED lanterns I have ever seen.

Now I have had LED lanterns before. In fact, most of the ones I have owned have either found their way to the garage or the kids to use as toys. I have never been impressed with their performance. The last one is from a huge camping supplier who makes really good gear…except lanterns…They shall remain nameless out of respect. It now resides under my son’s bed.

Banking on my prior exposure to this type of product, I quickly opened the box, batteries in hand! To be honest, I never read instructions and this was no exception. Ripping the EAL20 free from its cardboard prison, I inserted the batteries and turned it on…WOW! This is the brightest LED lantern I have ever seen! At 375 lumens it really puts out the light and its very easy to use. The output is controlled via the front dial. All the way left is full power…turning to the right dims the LED and when pushed on click right it turns off EAL20the white LED and turns on the red ones…another click right and you have a red emergency strobe! There is a battery indicator that powers up with the lantern and gives you accurate and useful data on the current condition of the batteries installed. When on low it lit up my entire front room! High made it bright enough that you could read a book on the other side of the room!! It’s a nice, even light without hotspots or dark areas that’s not overwhelmingly bright but still gets the job done.

You want rugged? The EAL20 brings it… I gave it to my kids (2 and 5 years old) to play with to see how well its built. Its been dropped, swung into objects, used as a weapon to settle their disputes and generally lugged around since the early spring. The fact that the light is still running without so much as a mark or crack and on the original set of batteries  is a testament to its engineering! 

I have found the Coast EAL20 to be a quality light that has exceeded my expectations in every regard. Bug out bags are great, food stockpiles are a good idea…but what are you going to reach for that first night the power is out and the sun goes down? Your Coast EAL20! That’s what!!

Click here for more information and how to order…

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