Adjustable Eye Pro that Changes on the Go!


Revision, the industry leader in protective eyewear has done it again! Taking their popular Sawfly design and making it photochromic! Now, not only will they deflect shrapnel from and IED but they will change color and darken to protect your vision from glare and bright sunlight too!

news_sawfly_headerWhen showing off the Sawfly the first and most often question I hear is “How fast do they change?” Let me tell you, these glasses change faster than anything I have ever seen, and I should know, being an ABO Certified Optician. The performance I have witnessed beats the change times of all prescription grade lenses on the market today. I have never seen a lens turn that fast. Revision has really got something special here and its well worth a look.

The sawfly provides extreme eye protection that is suitable for combat and tactical operations but I think it would be equally at home on the range or jobsite. I have used my on several home projects as well as biking, hiking and other outdoor activities and found the optical clarity, comfort and protection to be superb. The lens is clear and free of chromatic aberration. The wrap is nice and blocks the wind, keeping dust and debris out of your eyes giving good coverage. Their not heavy and its easy to forget that your wearing them!

The main feature that really stands out is the photochromic response time and tintsawfly density. Walking outside, the lens instantly begins to change. In less than 20sec it’s a grey two and in less than 60sec it’s a full grey three, blocking glare and providing a comfortable view of your surroundings. A neat property of a photochromic lens is that the tint density depends on the amount of available light. The glasses are considerably lighter on an overcast day than they are on a full sunny day, giving just the right amount of darkness for the conditions! Be advised, if you wear a hat they wont get as dark as without it but its still dark enough to make for comfortable viewing. The opposite is true for the change back time. As you can see from the picture, there is always a bit of color to the lens, in the optics industry its would be measured at about a grey .5 or less. Plus, its Rx’able too!!

Included in the box was an elastic strap to help keep them on which I use every time I wear them! Don’t worry, its not the nerdy type of headband and will help you keep your specs on and your level of coolness intact!

If your looking for a great pair of glasses that will protect you from the sun and ballistic threats look no further!

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