Over the Shoulder Tac Gear Holder…


high-speed-gearI like Nature, taking in the smells of the forest…enjoying the sounds of a stream. It harkens back to a simpler time and allows us to detach from the rat race and reconnect with reality. One of my favorite things to do is fish, but hauling all the gear is hard and often quite a chore to stay organized… especially when you throw in two kids! “Wheres my bobber?” – “Daddy! My worms gone!” – “Was the reel supposed to fall in the water?” 

Well that all changed a few weeks ago. The folks down at High Speed Gear in collaboration with Advanced Outfitters have developed a small chest rig. I love this thing! It has really transformed how I enjoy the outdoors. I equipped it with three pouches, loaded them with fishing gear and headed out to the pier to water-board a few worms!

rigWith my son in tow I arrived at our favorite fishing spot…on goes the Chest Rig and POW! My gear is right where it should be and all within reach! I was able to carry a full fishing load and a bottle of water to boot, it was great! The rig didn’t interfere with casting, baiting hooks or clearing backlash! It was comfortable the entire time and not once did it need to be adjusted or taken off. I have used it on other outdoor adventures and it has performed flawlessly! From hiking to biking and everywhere between, this is one cool rig.

The shoulder straps really do a great job of spreading out the weight and the back strap keeps it from slipping around. You can adjust it to ride high or low according to personal preference. I liked mine on the low side, it was just more comfortable that way. The attention to detail, quality construction and materials told me from the moment I put it on that this was truly some high speed gear.

As for LEO applications, I can see where the chest rig loaded out with mags for a patrol officer’s carbine, med kit, light and other supplies may help in response times. Imagine responding to an active shooter call… without the rig you would have to stuff your pants with your gear before making entry…How many lives could be saved if your gear was ready to go? With the AO/High Speed rig everything can be pre-staged in the trunk with the rig loaded and ready to go! No fussing or fumbling with gear…just  put it on and your good to go!

When its not in use the straps come off and stow inside the rig. On the left and right sidesmadeinusa are openings secured with hook loop. Originally intended for strap storage, the internal pouch can be used to hold documents or other small incidentals while your wearing it.

The AO/High Speed Industries small chest rig is a great piece of soft gear. From fishing to hunting and LEO applications, you will not be disappointed. I use mine as often as I can and I find new uses for daily. Being American Made and carrying a life time warranty, really helps it stand out from the crowd. If you’re in the market for load bearing gear, look no further.

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