Coast Portland Rapid Response 3.9…


Coast is known for its LED lighting products, but did you know that they make tools too? I’ve gotten to go hands on with a few of them and this is the first of what will be several reviews.

The Rapid Response 3.9…

response2Using SAT or Smooth Assist Technology Coast has made one of the fastest tactical assisted openers I have ever seen! The SAT employs roller bearings to give a smooth, fast action that has hardly any friction to it. A gentle touch of the thumb stud and Ka-Pow! The blade is out and ready for action. I have found that with the assisted openers there is a bit of a learning curve before you know where and exactly how to activate the knife. Not so with the Rapid Response! The handle not only gives a good grip and fills your hand…there is a well or channel if you will that guides your thumb into the prime spot for deployment every time!! That one little touch alone has sold me on what a great product this is.

The blade was sharp as it should be out of the box the fit and finish was outstanding. Afterresponse hundreds of cycles there was not play in the blade when open at all. After being thrown into wooden planks, dropped on concrete used to chop small pieces of wood into kindling I could not impart any slop into the blade/handle connection. This knife took a beating and asked for more!

There is a nice high traction cutout in the blade’s back-strap that gives a good grip and a lot of control over the blade. The handle is full in the hand and everyone that has held it liked it and found it to feel full as well but not too big or clunky. When holding it, you really do get a good purchase on it and its not going anywhere!

The blade has a nice flat black finish that resists wear and scratching and really gives the  knife a nice look. The shape is great, its not too curvy and its not too straight and the right amount is dedicated to serrations.

The Response closes easily with one hand, you see, at its heart it’s a liner lock! Spring tension starts at about a third of the way in and gets stronger as you go. Its not hard to overcome, but it lets you know that your closing the knife.

The pocket clip is reversible from left to right and rides well on the pocket edge. The carry is tip up so I encourage the use of the safety if your carrying in a non tactical situation. Safety? Oh yeah, there’s a safety! I have found that anytime a knife comes with a safety its really something special and the Coast Rapid Response 3.9 is no exception. The Max-Lock safety locks the blade in not only the closed position, but open as well! This extra measure helps to keep you safe and with all your fingers!

Its been my pocket carry for over a month now and it has yet to fail me.

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