Ricci Ankle Medical System…


ricci_ankle_medic_system3_1Ok, I’m a gear junky, I’ll admit it…If its black, tan or green and has buckles its got to be mine! The newer the better. It takes a lot of searching but every now and then something really neat pops up like the Ricci AMS…in all the trolling I do to bring you new and exciting products I found the Ricci Ankle Medical System. Invented by Matt Ricci, a 7 year SWAT officer with a total of 13 years in Law Enforcement. The AMS was designed to keep your most needed medical supplies close at hand. Now who would have thought that would mean putting gear on your ankle! Come to find out, most often the person giving aid or treatment is down on one knee, right next to the victim and this places the AMS in the perfect spot for getting to the med kit stored in it!

Made out of elastic, hook loop and nylon the AMS delivers on gear storage and ease of access. The hook loop held the kit secure around around my leg and it didn’t move! Going up and down stairs, getting in and out of the truck, jumping and sprinting…nothing moved this system, caused it to loosen or rotate around my ankle.  The AMS really exhibited all day comfort too. The stitching is good  as well as the quality of the materials used. The largest of the pockets has a generous cover flap that is sewn on in such a way that it helps to lift and deploy items when its opened!

You can tell that there was a lot of thought and attention to detail that went into this product. Great job Matt!!

Now, its original purpose was for medical support but when I saw it all I could think of wasricci_ankle_medic_system1a “Wow! what a great way to carry my stuff when the wife says no pouch!!” We’ve all been there… Dressed up to go out to dinner and she points at your side and says “whats that?” Well worry no more, this thing is great! I put my multi-tool, 4 color flashlight, backup knife, batteries and paracord  in it and off we went! The best part was, nobody knew it was there!! I wore this thing for two weeks straight. Every day, all day at work and at home. I found it to be comfortable and not cumbersome at all. The weight was easy to manage and the AMS has a bit of foam padding on the inside that cushions your leg and prevents it from spinning around your ankle.

In addition to the attached pockets there is an entire MOLLE panel that you can use for expansion by adding your own pouches. This is a great piece of kit that I feel every EDC’er should have!

Click here for more information and a video of Matt explaining how it works!

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