On Holiday!

Happy Independence Day Everyone! I will be taking a few days off from blogging to enjoy some time with my family and friends this week!

I don’t think there is a better time of year for the EDC’r than Independence Day. You see, because of a hand full of brave men a few hundred years ago we have freedoms and rights that are unheard of in most other countries of the globe. Because of those men who were willing to stand up and say “No More!” you and I have the right to freedom from tyranny and oppression in any form…We too have the right to say “No More!”

This July 4th I ask that you take a moment and consider how different our lives would be if it wasn’t for the likes of Jefferson and Franklin…Now ponder this, is it truly the politicians, lobbyists or special interest groups that are protecting our freedoms or is it the countless citizens themselves that exercise the most cherished of our rights protected by the First and Second Amendments on a daily basis? A right unexercised will wither and die. So I ask you to try out your rights! Speak you mind, carry your sidearm and above all have a good time! (Just not so much that have to use your 5th Amendment right!!)

Please check back on Thursday for a new review on the Gerber Instant and if I haven’t said it before, “Thanks for reading!”

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