The Gerber Instant…

Well, we finally have power again here at HQ. For the past 48 hours we have been hunkering down at our off site rally point (Grandma & Grandpa’s!). With power now restored, its back to business!!

I have had the honor of reviewing some of Gerbers new offerings for 2012 and I have to say, they have all been quite impressive and have all lived up to the Gerber name. The quality is there, the utility is there and let’s be honest…a knife is a knife right? A little steel and some polymer or wood and tada! Ya got a knife. This all changed for me in an instant, with the Instant!

This is one of the most stylish knives I have ever set eyes on. From its aggressive curved blade that resembles a raptors beak, to its detailed insets of polymer and metal…the Instant is one good looking knife.


Now, with me looks will only get you far, so on with the testing. The blade came razor sharp from the factory without a single knick and the black finish gives it a no nonsense, clean and finished look that helps mute unwanted reflections.

The G-10 handle has a great high traction surface while the polymer refuses to transmit hot or cold. The shape, which at first I thought was questionable, is quite comfortable and provides excellent control over the cutting edge. The large angular cutouts on both sides of the handle as well as the recessed center portion are not only eye candy, but the move dirt and liquids away from the user and out of the knife.

Now the Gerber Instant is an assisted opener, meaning it has an internal spring mechanism and requires just a little push from the user for it to open. Now, I have handled a few of these assisted openers and I can tell you beyond a doubt that this is the fastest one I have used. When I say fast, I mean fast!! Its so fast that with the knife in hand if you think about opening it, the blade whips out before you can finish your thought! Ok, so maybe that’s a bit of stretch…but its really quick!

The blade is released from the open position by a unique push button located at the top of the frame. Once pushed the blade drops free for about half its travel allowing easy one handed closing.

After a lot of hard use cutting boxes, carving wood and prying stones out of my deck the Instant really held up well. The blade was still sharp and there was little to no wiggle in the blasé. I have no doubt that this knife could help you protect yourself and procure food from the wilds in a survival situation.

Click here for more information!

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