Coast TX10 Multicolor Flashlight…

TX10Its often said that the best gun for self defense is the one you have with you, well the same could be said for flashlights too. Frequently I find myself using what ever light I have with me for various tasks and often, the lights are either too weak, too big or too small! That was until the Coast TX10 arrived!

Coming in at just under four inches, weighing three ounces and throwing 75 lumens of goodness, the TX10 is the right light for almost any task! This light has what it takes to get the job done. The light is white without any major artifacts or hotspots and is able to light up an entire room. The switch is responsive with one click for on and another for off, very straight forward.

The aluminum body is nicely textured and sized just right to provide a good grip. The body houses the battery carrier which is accessed by unscrewing the reflector end of the light. Unlike other tactical lights in the same size and weight class, the TX10 uses three AAA batteries! Boy is that nice for a change! This is not where the differences end…there are three more…Red, Green and Blue.

The TX10 is not only a white light torch, but it has three more LEDs that throw red, greenTX10 and blue light for multi application versatility! We all know red light prevents us from loosing our night vision and is quite useful in getting around in the dark. That is if your not looking for items of a specific color…if so, good luck! That’s where green comes in. Did you know that it helps to preserve our night vision as well but also provides good color contrast helping us determine what it is that we are looking at!

Now blue has a special use too. Not only does it cut through fog really well but it also turns blood trails black! This is useful for hunting, SAR and looking for that guy you shot at who was in your kitchen!! Each light has its own color coordinated button for turning them on and off.

The only drawback I could find on this light was that occasionally it would turn on while in my pocket! I found that some people look at you a little funny if you pocket is glowing and others want your number!! Ha!!

All in all, this is a great little task light that would be at home in the tackle box or in the field. For more information, click the link below!

Click here for more information….

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