Bringing the Heat with the Tactical Tailor Crossfire!


If you have been around this blog for any amount of time, by now you probably realize I love bags. Big bags, small bags, bags that hold rocks… I love them all! But, in order to get that love a bag has to earn it. There are practical limitations on size and organization is a must. No matter how fancy your bag is, if you cant get to your gear its useless. If the strap is too narrow the bag will cut into your shoulder and if its too wide it can bind and twist in the hardware…besides that, you have to look at the thickness and if there is a positional pad to help prevent chaffing!!

IMAG0776With all that being said, I had the chance to take a look at Tactical Tailor’s Crossfire Concealed Carry Bag. Tactical Tailor has a long history of making cutting edge, high quality gear and the Crossfire lives up to that reputation. The strap is nice and wide with equally wide hardware to prevent it from bunching and is equipped with a large shoulder pad. The pad is backed with air mesh to keep it cool and comfortable. There are two textured rubber grips sewn onto the air mesh to keep it from slipping and the pad is finished with nice nylon trim to keep from scratching up you neck! They really put some thought into this!!

The zippers move freely without binding and the paracord pulls make them easy to grab and work.  From the air mesh on the backside of the pack to the layout and organization of the outermost pouch, this bag screams quality and attention to detail all the way. Inside the bodyside pocket is your standard adjustable hook loop holster and matching panel for placement in the bag. The holster held my P95 securely with adjustable cant for ease of draw. Just like with any other holster or gun bag, it takes some practice to before you are able to cleanly and efficiently present your weapon from it. Always start slow to get the timing and motions down and develop the necessary muscle memory. I can say that after some practice I can now confidently carry and draw from the bag.

The Crossfire is a pleasure to use! Keep in mind its no “Kitchen Sink Bag” and its notIMAG0777 meant to be. Its designed to carry a weapon, ammo and some other items you may need. Available in a several different colors and patterns, I opted for Black and Ranger Green and here’s why…It allows me to blend in and doesn’t scream “GUN!” My family and I took a train ride down in Tecumseh and I took the bag. Loaded for bear with my usual fare of gear the bag rode really nice! The included waist belt kept it from twisting around my and held it securely in one spot. Walking through the crowd, navigating the tight walk ways on the train cars or sitting in a restaurant, not once did the Crossfire get in the way!

Now, in addition to my normal load out I added my scanner and an extra multi tool to the outside webbing. The added weight on the outside didn’t disturb the balance of the pack and the strap/pad distributed the load nicely. Plus, the bag didn’t stand out and I managed to mesh with the crowd. I looked like any other tourist with my fancy bag! It was great, Grey Man achieved!! 

I really like this bag and I can tell it will be in my rotation for a very long time!

Click here to order yours!

Just a note to all those at Tactical Tailor…You have faced your challenges head on and prevailed. Your dedication is a credit to Logan’s vision and you should all be proud. You can read about TT’s history and founding here…

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4 Responses to Bringing the Heat with the Tactical Tailor Crossfire!

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi and greetings from Austria!
    I bought a very similar bag and use it on a daily a basis.

    I don’t want to miss it anymore!
    But looks very similar, doesn’t it?

  2. Hi back at ya! It does really look similar! The Tactical Tailor bag has become my new constatn companion. The organizaion is tops and the quality cant be beat. Thanks for reading and how are thing “Down Under”?

  3. Thomas says:

    there are no kangoroos in austria 😉

  4. Austria!!! Thats what I get for working on the blog in the middle of the night!! Ha!! But if there were I bet they would yodeling kangaroos!!!

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