All Bugged Out an Nowhere to Go!


Very often in life its hard to find something that’s not a gimmick. Rapid weight loss!-It Regrows hair!-We can still be friends…As you see not everything is  as it seems and often if its too good to be true, its probably not.

One big area where this applies is in the mosquito repelling business. I cant tell you how many creams I’ve applied, sprays I’ve sprayed and funny smelling things I have burned all with less than positive or even measureable results. That is until now…

MR-TJ_0I have had a chance to use the ThermaCELL MR-TJ.  The MR-TJ is a butane powered mosquito repeller that actually works! It has gone with us to several firework shows, one family party and multiple evenings on my deck where it worked great. To be honest, I was a little skeptical about how it would perform but it did what it said it would right on the box…the unit generated a 15’x15’ mosquito no fly zone! Now, I know what your thinking…what could this possibly have to do with tactical? Well for starters, its camo and secondly tactical is about gaining an edge over adversity through planning and gear and the MR-TJ does just that, but with mosquitos!!

One night in particular, my wife and I packed up the kids and headed out to see some fireworks. Here we were sitting in a field surrounded by other families all intent on watching a great fireworks show and as dusk descended you could see people shifting and swatting! Children cried, women complained and men grumbled about the spots their wives chose! Not us!! We sat in the middle of it all bug free!! Granted, a few others around us benefited from the MR-TJ and they could be heard complimenting themselves on a great choice sitting where they were!! Ha!! Little did they know it was because of the ThermaCELL!

This device is a Manly Man’s dream! it doesn’t plug in and it doesn’t need batteries…it runs on butane! That’s right, butane! Not only does it shoo away those pesky little bugs but it uses fire and makes exhaust!! How great is that! The butane fuel cell is screwed into the bottom of the unit and lit with a push button next to the heating element/ repellant holder. Once fired up, the unit is silent in operation and whether its working or nor not can be verified by looking through a little window on the top. If its glowing, its working! Insert the blue repellant pad and your in business. Once the pad turns white, its time for a new one. Pads last about 4 hours and the butane fuel cell is good for 12. I got a little less than that out of my cell, but nothing that would give a negative opinion.

The size makes it easy to handle and transport and the controls are intuitive and easy to use. I have had a lot of good luck with this machine. Its seen extensive use this summer and will continue to through the fall. I take it almost everywhere we go. Since using it I have not had a single mosquito bite all season! (this applies to my family too)

The effective range of this device is enough to cover my deck and patio area. I can only imagine how well it would work with hunting blinds and duck boats. The only requirement is that you don’t use it in an enclosed space.

I would have to say that I have tested this device for quite some time and with absolute certainty can tell you that it works!! If your spending any time outside this year you really need one of these!

Click here for more information or to order yours….

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