These little lights of mine, I’m gonna let ‘em shine!


When you evaluate your tactical/survival level of preparedness what are you looking at? Is your BOB stocked and ready to go? Do you have enough ammo? What are your plans for water procurement? When judging my level, I looked at all these and a few more and no matter how many times I reorganized my pack or made another paracord bracelet, I always felt I was missing something…

Well, as it turns out, I was…My truck! I might be ready to move my family to safety or protect myself but is my truck? I don’t think many of you will be able to answer yes to that question. So the next thought was “Whats it going to take to do that?” Now lets be realistic here…Zombies are never going to invade so that rules out a spiked snow plow on the front end!

What are some of the real challenges you may face and what do you really need? Mass power outages?…lights and a way to make power…Evacuation?…shelter, food and gear storage….Protection? hmmm…as you can see, there is no one answer and that the task can be rather daunting. So after looking on the web and finding nothing of any substance on this topic, I decided to take it on!!

Rigid Industries…

After reading about their product and looking at the specs and features, I contacted Rigid IMAG0630Industries about their off road lighting products. A few days later a big box arrived with four of their newest Dually D2’s. Coming in at 2,600 lumens and a deceptively small size, the D2’s throw some serious light!! With lexan windows and aluminum housings, these lights will take all kinds of abuse and keep on working.


IMAG0625Installing the lights was a breeze. I took the box and headed to HQ’s motor pool, AKA Mom and Dad’s! All the hardware and wiring is included as well as instructions on how to assemble the brackets. My dad and I set to work and about two hours later we were in business!

We placed the lights on top of the front bumper to test several different layouts until weIMAG0632 were satisfied with how they looked. Once that was achieved, holes were drilled and the lights bolted down. The wire harnesses were run from the front grill, through the engine compartment, into the wheel well and from there into the cab. The only glitch that I came across was the battery terminals. I had to purchase two new battery posts that were double ended with bolts for accessory attachments. With power to the lights, the switches began to glow in a soft red light that flooded the cab and seemed to beg to be pushed!

IMAG0641 IMAG0659



The first test was the obligatory “Lets annoy the neighbors!” test. With a flick of a switch my street looked as if it were daytime and the residents began to open their doors and look out into the artificial daylight only to see me, roll their eyes and go back in!!

The second test was a SAR for a Beagle Pug mix that slipped out of my neighbor’s gate. So with John in the truck, off we went. These lights were amazing! They lit the street from one side to the other, lighting up the front of the houses and allowing us a nice clean view of the entire area. Though this was a good shakedown test of the lights I knew it in no way really let them shine to their full potential…


Stock Headlights…


All four D2’s lit!!

The true test…

Last week my dad and I took a trip to Grindstone City in the tip of the Thumb for a fishing charter with Good News Charters (great guys!). The boat left at 5am, so that meant we had to be on the road by 1am. This was the perfect time to test the lights. On the rural roads we hit the switch and POW! The road, trees, ditches, fields, deer….everything lit up!! Yes, even deer. On those back roads you really need to keep your eyes open and any edge you can get you need to use. The D2’s allowed me to see deer well over a quarter mile away giving me plenty of time to slow down and avoid an accident. Fog proved to be no challenge either. The Dually’s just shot right through it showing the way. It was such a let down having to go back to regular headlights when opposing traffic appeared! Often times we ran with only two of the four on because the light coming off the road and reflecting off the road signs was blinding! 

The quality of the beams is nothing short of astounding. Unlike other lights, the D2’s light doesn’t bounce around or have any dark spots. For a survival rig, lighting is a necessity and making it lights from Rigid Industries is a must! Used by the military and off road racing teams, these lights are well worth the investment and will perform without flaw! When it matters, make it Rigid!

Click here for more information and how to order…

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One Response to These little lights of mine, I’m gonna let ‘em shine!

  1. So I taked to the folks over at Rigid and found out that I had my wires crossed! It seems there was a misprint in the instructions and if you switch the red wire with the blue wire the inidicator light on the switch only goes on when you flip it! but now I miss the glow!! Thanks Rigid!!

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