A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing…

As I write this post tonight, I’m sitting out back watching the stars and enjoying a nice fire. The kids are in bed, their sleepy little faces no longer watching the flickering light dance from one side of the pit to the next, my wife has since gone in because “That smoke smell bothers me!” and here I am, left to my own devices.

As the cold of night creeps in, I’m adding wood to the fire while comfortably wrapped in my Mountain Serape from Hill People Gear! In a lot of my posts I use words like “Great”, “Amazing” or even “Impressive” and the English language provides for many ways to express thoughts and feelings but I have yet to find the right word to use that would convey how truly impressed I am with the Mountain Serape. I have found no limit to its usefulness!

For those of you that don’t know, Hill People Gear is a small company operated by the Hill Brothers (and Joe!)  that designs and manufactures high speed gear for outdoor enthusiasts and professional adventurers alike. They have a strong reputation for innovation and their quality is second to none.

So what is a Mountain Serape? Think “Poncho on Steroids”! Designed to be a replacement for a heavy coat, the Mountain Serape is the perfect garment for field use. By converting from a poncho to a great coat to a sleeping bag, this thing has you covered! Not only is it warm but I’ll hazard to use a word not often associated with outdoor or tactical gear…I found it to be quite cozy! That’s right…cozy!! Its made with a rip stop nylon and filled with primaloft giving it an excellent weight to warmth ratio. The nylon is highly water resistant thanks to a high tech process called DWR. I’m not getting into it here, but DWR provides a long lasting and durable water repellency. Available in Ranger Green  or Multicam, the Mountain Serape is awesome!

The rip stop cuts the wind and gives it a satiny feel while the zippers work great with no issues. The hood is spacious and insulated like the rest of the garment and the warmth is outstanding! From the moment you put it on you can feel the difference. I used it in poncho form to watch a meteor shower earlier in the month and I have to say that was the most comfortable I have ever been while star gazing! The sky was clear and the night cold, but I was warm in my Serape. It has served me well on more than one occasion of being banned to the couch which allowed me to test the transformation into sleeping bag mode!

I have used the great coat arrangement for several forays outside but find its more useful when walking around vs. sitting by a fire, that is where the poncho is nice. Understand something…warmth is subjective… Our nights here have been dipping locally into the high 50’s and I’m wearing a t-shirt and cargos under the Serape in total comfort and often need to take it off to cool down.

I can only imagine how useful this will be for the fall hunting season! This would be an excellent companion in  a tree stand or blind. Don’t forget to add one to your trunk for the winter as well! The Serape compresses well and weighing in at 2.5 lbs, its easy to pack. I keep mine in my day pack and take it just about everywhere.

Now a lot of products have come through HQ and quite a few have deserved a “Mustmadeinusa Have”…This is one of those…If you spend any time outdoors you need a Hill People Gear Mountain Serape. The guys over at Hill People have spent a lot of time to get this right and it shows…Made in the U.S. from U.S. materials with an eye on quality, the Mountain Serape will give you years of use. Five Stars, two thumbs…however you want to look at it, get one!

Click here for more information and to order…

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