Faster Than a Speeding Laser?

lt_9_11_largeWhen was the last time you were to the range? Was it in the last 5 days? 10 days?? 30 days??? I can tell you I was on the range last night…this afternoon and will be later tonight! Its easy when the range is your basement!

how is this possible? With the LaserLyte LT-9, that’s how! The LaserLyte LT-9 is a neat little device that when inserted into your weapon fires a laser beam out the barrel every time you pull the rigger! I took an old target from my last live fire range trip and hung it on my basement wall. I then went upstairs, emptied my Ruger…unboxed the LT-9….verified the Ruger was empty and headed to the basement…After one last safety check I chambered the LT-9 and took aim at my target and Peew!! Peew!! (you have to supply your own sound effects!)

Right off the bat I noticed that I was hooking my shots on double taps and rapid fire… something I have never seen using live ammo. The laser was painting a pattern that looked just like the letter “C” on my target. My first shot was center mass and my second and third were left hip and somewhere in the other room!! With practice, I have since been able to eliminate the hook and there by improving my follow up accuracy. I have also seen an improvement in my point and shoot when drawing from my holsters and bags. It really gives you the freedom to train like you plan to fight and allows for experimentation and really aids in the development of muscle memory. I can only imagine how much it would have cost in ammo and range time to get the level of improvement I have achieved with the laser unit… In just two sessions of use, it has already paid for itself…and for some of us, it could do so in one!! (You know who you are!!)

Working like a snap cap, the end of the unit has a black button that activates the laser every time its struck by the firing pin. The laser dot is in line with your guns sights and is accurate shot after shot. The brass cartridge is held in place with rubber “O” rings and is easily removed from the breech by inserting the eraser end of a pencil into the barrel and pushing out the laser. The LT-9 comes with two sets of batteries which are easy to replace. Just give it a twist and it opens right up!lt_9_13_large

My P95 is a double action pistol and ideally suited for this type of application but in other weapons you may have to cycle the slide in order to reset the firing pin. In my mind that just adds another training opportunity such as a tap ‘n rack type drill. Plus, the cartridge is shaped so that when you do work the action, there is nothing for the extractor to grab leaving the LT-9 in the barrel without having to worry about looking all over the room for it!

I’m addicted to this little thing! Its just as much fun to shoot as live rounds but without all the cleaning! I have yet to try it with Armed Response’s “Shoot/Don’t Shoot” DVD… I have my projector setup down stairs, the DVD in the player and now to put the kids to bed early!!

Click here for more information and to order yours…

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