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Another Bright Idea from Coast…

  How many times has this happened to you? Your right in the middle of some wild adventure and the equipment you are using breaks…and its at night…and all you have with you is your multi tool…You try to fix … Continue reading

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Putting Optronics in the Spot Light!

  Off road lights?…Check  Radios?…Check  Tool kit?…Check   Remote controlled, suction cup mounted 500k CP search light?…Check…Wait, What?! When I started building my daily driver into a Tactical Urban Survival Vehicle I knew the stock lighting wasn’t going to cut it. … Continue reading

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Whats New Old Timer?

  Knives are a tool that no man should be without. They cut, scrape, remove slivers and take on many different forms. The tactical knife has found a high degree of popularity right now for many reasons, all of which … Continue reading

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