Another Bright Idea from Coast…


IMAG1110How many times has this happened to you? Your right in the middle of some wild adventure and the equipment you are using breaks…and its at night…and all you have with you is your multi tool…You try to fix the problem but have a hard time because your flashlight just cant quite hit the spot your at and feeling around yields nothing…I don’t know about you, but this has happened to me on more than one occasion and apparently to the folks over at Coast too!

To solve this problem Coast has developed the LED Pro Pocket Pliers Multi Tool. Keeping with their sprit of innovation, Coast has taken their proven multi tool and added two LED lights at either end! The LEDs are activated via a single control button and easy to use interface. One click and you get the front light that illuminates the plier jaws…a second click shuts off the front and turns on the rear light that lights up the other tools in the mix…click it a third time and off they go!

Now this is no little gimmicky tool designed for the “Guy that has it all”. It’s a serious multiIMAG1112 tool with an eye on performance. The accessories are top notch, the plier jaws resist skewing which is a huge issue with me and the control button actually seals in place to help resist water intrusion! Yes, I picked the button out to see how water tight it was. It took quite a bit of doing on my part but I got it out and found it to be really well designed. Now you may ask why I did that, well the answer is simple…You see, the above scenario always includes water of some kind! Fear not, a good splash will not put out this light!

I’m not the only one impressed with this tool, Popular Mechanics awarded it the Editor’s Choice Award, so don’t just take my word for it!

IMAG1115The tools deploy easily and securely lock into place. The phillips driver is more than adequate for a range of screw head sizes and when used as a knife its easy to use with good blade placement. The grip fells less clunky like others tend to and more like a knife handle, affording superb blade control.

Another area of testing is to see how well it handles wire cutting. It took on heavy gauge  wire really well providing the needed cutting force to sever the cable… It stripped away all diameters and thicknesses of wire insulation and performed like a champ!

I think the Coast LED Pro is an innovative and original multi tool that address a broad range of needs. I keep mine in my Truck (Soon to be designated SV1!) with my other bug out supplies. It would make a good addition to any EDC Kit and with the built in LEDs, reduces the need to carry a torch!

Click here for more information and to find out how to get yours…

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